With each passing year, electric vehicles are gaining more popularity and attention. After all, the problem of air pollution in the city is gradually being resolved as a result of their presence. However, the high cost of production does not allow the introduction of this new mode of transportation everywhere. Therefore, many automakers have staged a real race to reduce the price of an electric car. Along with such well-known brands as Nissan, Hyundai, and Tesla, little-known Chinese manufacturers Kandi and Dacia compete. The latter were able to achieve significant success, reducing the cost of an electric car to 10 thousand dollars! And today we will evaluate one of them to find out how much the price reduction has reflected on the performance of the car itself. Even though the first electric car was successfully tested in the middle of the 19th century, its growth in popularity has only recently begun. After all, earlier the production of cars with an internal combustion engine was much cheaper, and the characteristics of transport were much higher. But in 2008, Elon Musk held a presentation of his first electric car – the Tesla Roadster.

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43 thoughts on “The Cheapest Electric Car In The USA”

  1. I was on board with buying one until they said the top speed was artificially decreased to…what was it 40 mph or something? That’s useless! Why would they do that? It seems like the niche market is college students who want to drive between classes on a big campus. What if you want to use it to commute and…I don’t know, maybe save money on gas? It’s a big world out there and 40 mph won’t do.

  2. The best thing about small electric cars is they lend themselves to battery exchange which I understand takes about 5 minutes. You don't need to go to a charging station and waste your time charging the battery. The downside of an EV is the time it takes to recharge the battery. To set up a battery exchange business for large EVs or large electric SUVs is costly because they have to have hundreds of these batteries in stock and kept fully charged.

    At the cost of approximately $3,000 to $10,000 per battery for these large EVs, it is quite costly to set up a Battery exchange. However, the small battery from a small EV costs approximately $800 per battery. Because of its smaller size, it can be recharged much quicker and is more attractive to set up a small battery exchange than it is for the larger expensive EV batteries. Surely people would be more drawn to an EV that they can zip into a battery exchange and be on their way in a matter of minutes.

  3. This is a good competition for ev market. In addition, I would make a suggestion to introduce 2-door small evs with larger seats instead 4-door small sedans, this way could make a small ev more comfortable and even cheaper without losing quality and appearance.

  4. china will serve it's purpose to bring the prices down… however, with the Taiwan war looming myself and the free-world would not purchase these communist cars…

  5. Chinese built EV ? Only a retard with no girlfriend will buy one , then never be able to sell it second hand as Chinese build quality the same as a Kebab and unsellable , might get $500 for it with 500 miles on the clock if it works that long ? These will be like the Chinese motorcycles , you know the ones , there is one in every backyard in the US and the UK broken down with no spares and awful quality , rusty and wrecked in 12 months max …

  6. These Kandi are called Senior car in China. It is for seniors not driving fast and not going far. I would like to wait for the import from Wuling mini EV, which is small and slow, but it is so cute and attractive to teenagers. It also goes further with bigger batteries while it is selling for less than $5000 in China. Wuling Mini EV proves that a good selling car doesn't necessarily need to have good performance and high quality, but a good design with adequate performance.

  7. You can go anywhere in my town at 45 mph or less. My scooter goes 30 & I'm very limited where I can ride it. Usually after midnight when traffic is thin. An electric car that can go 45 would be a great 2nd vehicle for me if they exist in the USA.

  8. It was so good they found a techicality to make it speed limted on an airbag issue where it complies in other countries but not in the good ole usa. So go back to your 8.00's a gallon and out of range pricey EVs. There's nothing to see here. Go big oil!!!

  9. Haha I live in DFW and everything is a highway here. Kandi’s dearship is all but abandon here, the cars are still there but the building was lock up by the city of Dallas

  10. Electric cars are a way for me government to further control you. If they don’t like your social media opinions they can send signals to your EV to disable it.

  11. Till 2016 I was living in Saigon, Vietnam. Since the first day I arrived Vietnamese told me “Never buy Chinese!” Why? Low quality. Break down quick! The main transportation in Saigon is a motorcycle. I saw for myself how Chinese motorcycles broke quickly where Honda, Yamaha and Suzuki (Japanese) tan forever, especially Hondas!

  12. Nice video Very engaging from the beginning to the end, ?I recommended a professional broker for you guys sometimes ago, can I get person's who invested with her…

    Comments below..

  13. Your Thousands dollar is USD right? Lolz

    Thats why a tesla get so "Ex Ben Ship".

    Thats also why European cars are so Expensive too.

    And thats also the reason why Chinese Bussinese Man buying European Car Brands. Because of where they going to come out.


    Not how much you have. Its who you know. Aye?

  14. The world needs more lightweight and neighbourhood vehicles since 90% of the km we drive is generally around towns and cities not on the highway… So I whole-heartedly welcome any affordable lightweight peoples car, this one included! Elon and his 1% wagon can suck it!

  15. There are several million seniors and others on incomes of less than $20,000 who would accept a ev similar to honda fit and/ or the leaf , who need acar like those but still need a driving rangeof at least 150 miles just to get to doctors, grocery stores becauseof their rural living areas!

    Pretty Cool for Running around town
    No Good for INTERSTATE.

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