Welcome to China’s biggest motor show this year 2022! This is Chengdu International Car Show 2022. In this video, we focused mainly on Chinese made cars which has greatly developed in the past years. Get the latest EV cars and other modern car designs in China. Watch the whole video to find out more! Cheers! Zoom!


12 thoughts on “The Chengdu Motor Show 2022 in Full HD | Latest Chinese Cars | The biggest Motor Show in China!”

  1. ReSaFE Channel During the past few hours, I've been sampling quite a number of Vlogs in regard to Motor Shows, Detroit, New York, LA, and even this one from another Vloger, and I have to say out of them all, yours is the absolute best, and very professionally presented, as you concentrated on the cars. The others just breezed on through, hardly stopping at all, and one walking so fast where you only glimpsed the vehicles off to the side, Thank you for sharing, much appreciated…

  2. Xe Trung Quốc ngày càng hoàn thiện và đẹp hơn. Nếu độ bền được cải thiện hơn nữa gần tiệm cận với toyota thì nền công nghiệp ô tô Trung Quốc sẽ số 1

  3. Hope that EVA unit car has more than 5 minutes of battery life.
    But for real though they shold make a charging cable that looks like the ones that Evas use and have the timer in the dashboard or somewhere in the car.

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