In this video I show the epidemic of Chinese car parts, and the effects it is having on the United States and the auto industry !!! For Business Contact :
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46 thoughts on “The Chinese Auto Parts Crisis In the US, When Will It Stop ???”

  1. You were saying Chinese Auto parts and then you said that you are not sure where they are made. What is the point? All the parts nowadays are made in China. All American cars' parts are made in China too.

  2. I had this issue with a Nissan 350z HR engine , i ended up taking 2 genuine sensors out of a secondhand engine that I had in stock and that corrected the problems , the Chinese sensors work on some vehicles for example the Nissan maxima uses sensors that have the same dimension and part no as the 350z and apparently shops are using the Chinese sensors on maxima's without issues. , it would be attributed to the firmware in the ecu's or hardware capacitors/emi filtering difference between the 350x and maxima ecu would explain why the Chinese sensors work on the maxima.
    The moral of my story is that the genuine Nissan sensors are guaranteed to work on the 350z and maxima.

  3. Nathan great video. A few years before i was not aware of bad aftermarket parts electrical that is, and i had bought a set of cam and crank sensors for a 2008 Nissan maxima from ebay 25.00 each. After I install i was still getting a code for cams but the car was starting after longer crank turns and would run. After a few days the car would stall on the free way and wouldnt start until after the engine cool down. I was baffled and checked everything and for the life of me i was not suspecting the new sensors because they were new and look exactly like OEM. After days of troubleshooting and investigating, i decided to google ebay aftermarket parts i was greeted with a slew of horror stories. So you guessed it, i broke the bank and bought originals from nissan almost 200 each sensor and my trials and tribulations was gone after install. The car has never stalled since. So it getting to a point where the dealer is the only trustworthy source for electrical parts for cars. Also what I have noticed is that Autozone and advance auto parts electrical parts do work. Ebay and Amazon is questionable at best.

  4. Febi-Bilstein clutch slave cylinders I've had no luck with. 4 failures within a year of fitting. No more! Using FTE now, although they are roughly $20 more for the e39, I can't find myself, or a potential customer, losing hydraulic pressure mid-way across the country.

    Anyone else had this issue?

  5. My plastic radiator lasted about 3 years on my 328i e36. Same problem with the splines where the plastic meets. I bought a Mishimoto radiator and so far so good! Also your videos have really helped me out! ?✌️

  6. That would bee a good situation hooking up with Febi/Bilstein, I saw a radiator on Ebay for my E90 325i for $57 and a cheap Electric water pump and thermostat for $130..I’ll only use a Pierburg pump for a BMW cooling system…It’s challenging finding good Bmw parts?

  7. I had an Ebay seller send me some moog wheel hub/bearings for my suburban. Dead giveaway, inside the box packing was different, and the blue wire was black. Demanded and received a refund after installing one and the wheel speed sensor was junk.

  8. I have had all those problems as well in the UK. I have tried parts from Ebay and various motor factors and I have kept on having to replace components over and over again. For example over the last 10 years and 50k miles I have replaced the control arms on my Z3 4.5 times (only did one side last time).

    The first pair was an Ebay cheapo that lasted two years (bad outer joint).

    The second time it was a mid range set from Euro Car parts that lasted about 1.5 years, the boots deteriorated quickly (within a year) and I finally lost the battle with a worn joint again.

    The third time was from the motor factor (purchased from the same factor the Tyre shop who found the issue and quoted me for the repair. I noted the phone number and called them an hour later and purchased the arms for about 12% of the greedy quote ) . These ones had a problem with the taper and the inner joint kept on coming loose, the boots also deteriorated quickly but I saved the joints by using copious amounts of silicon grease on them.

    The 4th set were the Delphi brand, purchased from an highly regarded motor factor.

    Ten months later an outer joint was worn (failed MOT) so to continue the experiment I replaced it (just one side as the Delphi boots are holding up) with a Firstline part from the same factor (they gave me a little discount).

  9. Good video, I buy from the independent BMW workshop, he vets all the parts and warrants them also, he wont sell me the crap your talking about!

  10. These engines, by that i mean M50, M52, M54, N54 are not that picky when it comes to crank sensors, i've been installing $20-$30 CKP sensors with no issues. But cam position sensors are completely different story….only Siemens or Bosch CMP sensors work properly.

  11. You refuse to pay premium price, but you're bitching about non premium quality? You get what you pay for. You're not gona get premium parts at bootleg prices.

  12. You have to be smart about what Chinese parts you buy it can save you a lot of money It saved me hundreds with rotors and brake pads and they worked fine but obviously don’t buy anything like sensors or engine parts from China that has to be oem its common sense

  13. My 2 cents Tariffs boost there Prices 25% right ,so we cannot afford to buy there Junk ! America Stepping Up Hopefully we will be Competitive NOW ! I personally got burnt also on Knock Offs so do not mined Paying even Double on OEM for the Insurance of Labor I say it is a No Brain er !!! Thx for you Vid !!! Always a Good Job

  14. Hi nathan , just change my camshaft sensor on my 330ci last month , and i learn that the BMW original supplier is (MEAT & DORIA ) , and its just a brand , they dont make parts but inside the boxes have bosch , VDO , Siemens etc .
    The brand is scratched on the sensor ( the autostore told me they are not authorized to sell oem parts so the OEM supplier scratches the BMW name from the part before shipping to the stores ) they call it captive parts !! Not for sale .
    By the way it costs 44 euros , i gess about 38 bucks ?
    Dont use febi sensors , some of us install it and they fail weeks later .

  15. I have read that Behr moved a majority of their parts manufacturing to Chinese manufacturers. I presume business decisions over quality. As far as radiators, Mishimoto is, to my understanding, good although they too make some unusable items as well.

  16. You all go on about fcp euro that’s because they know there parts are whack forget fcp euro all there parts reason they come with lifetime warranty is because by the time there shipped over there on a container all the parts are crushed and not working after being banged around hence your lifetime warranty NO COMPANY WOULD NEED lifetime warranty if there sure of there parts and that they work here in the uk they don’t need lifetime warranty as we’re guaranteed the absolute best

  17. Nathan, I also had this with my E39. Car was not starting anymore, well sometimes but really rough. I bought Meyle sensors and car was fine.. "*for 1 day*" after that codes came back and decided to buy OEM ones. (expensive but car runs perfect)

  18. Its just getting hard to tell what’s real and what’s not anymore, whether it’s information, people or products. It’s just too easy to fake anything now. The world is just turning into a giant rip-off machine. Too many people chasing the almighty buck.

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