Since it debuted late last year, the H9 has been the topic of fervent internet debate. Some thought it was a blatant copy of a Rolls-Royce, others thought it was blatant copy of BMW 7-Series, and still others just thought it was a good-looking sedan. Everybody has an opinion, but today we’re going to try and look past that debate and answer a more basic question, is it a good car?

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28 thoughts on “The Chinese S-Class that looks like a Rolls-Royce and Drives like a…”

  1. Hongqi means Red Flag in Chinese, and FYI, this brand is the exclusive manufacturer of the cars for Chinese leaders and every Chinese knows this.

  2. If it's from China, then the concepts are completely stolen. There ability for natural innovation is zero because communism will always limit the ability of the mind. Stolen intellectual property is their only claim to Fame

  3. Are the Chinese capable of making anything on their own from scratch that is of any decent quality? We already know they can't copy anything worth a damn.

  4. I don't mind the looks from this car, just lacking some performance. I mean a V8 and better transmission it will be well compatible with other luxury brands like Genesis

  5. if you really get to know this car from hongqi , this luxury pile of scarp is a totally garbage. It have a lot of issues like the navigation system having a lot of bugs
    even hongqi first car is a copycat from simca
    never buy this piece of sh*t

  6. Best thing about Chinese safety of their vehicles, they use real humans for crash test on open roads instead of using dummies in their crash test facilities………

  7. What's your point? Have you seen cars from the west? Classic fiat and triumph and porsche models all had similar round lights. Are they all copy cats of one another? Give me a break. They drew inspiration perhaps.

    Everyone is always so critical of everything anything Chinese.

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