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On July 22, Volkswagen suddenly fired Diess, the current CEO, which shook the auto industry. To be honest, it is very strange that Volkswagen fired Diess, because Diess has always been a staunch proponent of Volkswagen’s electrification transformation. His departure signals that Volkswagen’s electrification is at stake. And VW is the representative of German cars, its electrification is blocked, which is a very serious blow to German cars, coupled with the Japanese car predicaments, then the two traditional car powerhouses are in transition crisis at the same time. However, this is very beneficial for China, so many people are asking questions that were never thought of before, can Chinese cars replace Germany and Japan as world leaders? Well, that seems to me to be quite a possibility. Why is that? To understand this question, we must start with why Volkswagen fired Diess.


48 thoughts on “The electrification of German and Japanese cars is blocked, Can Chinese cars replace them?”

  1. UK is becoming like a poor African country. Models offered by Toyota and Mercedes available in USA and Asia [eg. Corolla Cross 2.0 petrol and Mercedes GLA 250] are not being offered to UK drivers. Petrol has become expensive and the British pound is weak so manufacturers sell elsewhere where customers can afford their products. The British market is essentially collapsing.

  2. EVs will destroy the car industry. 90% of people will keep their old cars forever. By the time you can afford an EV the electricity itself will cost you more to fill-up with than petrol or diesel. Only the wealthiest can afford EVs.

  3. if it wouldn't be for the US China would have their revenge at the Japanese already, electrification is another ploy if Japanese is not careful

  4. If Chinese electric cars dominate, your freedom may be at risk.
    If the global consumer doesn't obey the Chinese Communist Party, then the CCP will deactivate their car.
    And if you start obeying the CCP, your social credit score improves, and you can drive again.
    These type of things are already happening in China.

  5. Some facts and news with a heaped serving of propaganda? Chinese stuff break down in 1/4 time as other makers. No thanks. I will have to keep burning dino juice, because Chilectric will end up in the junkyard while my gas/ hybrid will keep going and going.

  6. In 1949 mainland China told its masses that to be poor is honorable and to be rich is shameful. So China stayed poor and burned books for several decades and shut the world out In 1979 Deng Xia Ping became chairman and made a first visit to other Asian nations and came back impressed by their progress. He changed the motto and said "No, no, no. To make money for yourself is good.. Science is good. Scholarship is good." Well, that unleashed a torrent of changes.

  7. First of all, did anybody really realize the problem of bad emissions comes from the false concept of ICE? Yes, it's true. All existing reciprocating engines are poor in efficiency. That's why the emissions is high and VW didn't have to fake it if they know how to build better ICE.

    Because right out of gate, the engine development is wrong. Engineers have to impose GDI together with either supercharger or turbocharger to boost up the power. This will make matter worse than it already is. By adding more pressure inside the combustion chamber will only cause more fuel to slip pass the piston rings through the blow-by. Which will ruin the lubricant and cause massive wear and tear on each and every part of the engine. Tell me if this isn't stupid?

    Both supercharger and turbocharger will give you high rpm even when the cars are at rest or going downhills. Tell me if this is the right way to save fuel and cut emissions? Of course not, it's incredibly stupid.

  8. The same reason why so many industry leaders failed – Kodak, Motorola, Nokia, etc.. not because they were incompetent but because they were too encumbered by parties with too much vested interests to lose within their own eco-system. Great companies would be gradually grind to their death as new disruptive competitors eat them alive, one piece at a time.

  9. "The electrification of German and Japanese cars is blocked, Can Chinese cars replace them?" Don't kidding us. Without someone to copy or steal from, Chinese automakers would be lost in never never land.

  10. Diess enraged the workers by saying that tens of thousands had to leave. They have voting power in VW's board, so Diess's adversaries got a helping hand to oust him.

  11. Electric cars are not practical at the present time. Look at their range in comparison to an ice car. Look at the fueling vs charging time. Look at the availability of public chargers. Look at the cost of an eV

    V W,,,,AND TOYOTA,,,,
    V W ,,,,is IN CHINA SINCE 1984,,,!!!
    IN CHINA,,,,,,,
    WITH,,,,,,V W…….!!!
    ,,,WHAT IS YOUR ,,SILLY STORY,,,,,ABOUT,,,, ??

  13. I must be the only person who wondered as I watched this video is this Chinese propaganda designed to destroy Volkswagen. All the way through it relentlessly pounded Volkswagen and praised China. Who the heck is Auto Age?

  14. China will drive and dominate global ev and battery market period. I am here in Africa and I see Chinese people everywhere here looking for minerals such as lithuim deep in remote African bush and never once come across a single European or American here. They carry these mineral back to China to make ev battey for the world. Tells me that China has already won that sector. They are far far ahead on battery tec and it's the home of ev. Europe had been sleeping. USA rescued by tesla but even tesla depends on China

  15. There is not enough minerals to Electrify the majority of cars and trucks , so going all electric is like putting all ur eggs in one basket , and for large car makers making revolutionary transition could be detrimental , never the less production of batteries might be more polluting than running diesel

  16. There is nothing wrong in competition and keep the economy wheel going and many people employed. One day Japan or Germany will come back again or China will build factories in Japan or Germany. This is part of the econmy cycle and it's much better than spending trillions and trillions $$$$ in wars, regime changes, sanctining, bombing and killing million of innocents.

  17. China 2050, EV will not be an option but compulsory. see. China has no intention for marketing her EV in western countries. someone would like to buy, thank you.

  18. Whether VW continues with EVs or not, the day of the IC-engine is over – just like steam before it. If Diess has gone, someone else will take it further, because there is no doubt that gasoline engines are on their way out and nothing is going to change that!

  19. Well CHINA has reengineered everything and stole ideas . THEN planted spies in all electronics . VW fed the world faulty emissions readings along with others , it all comes home to roost . If only their main dealers were better across the VAG range .

  20. I would never buy a Chinese car. Look at some of the things you buy for your house that are built in China, how long did they last? The quality just isn't there.

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