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On July 22, Volkswagen suddenly fired Diess, the current CEO, which shook the auto industry. To be honest, it is very strange that Volkswagen fired Diess, because Diess has always been a staunch proponent of Volkswagen’s electrification transformation. His departure signals that Volkswagen’s electrification is at stake. And VW is the representative of German cars, its electrification is blocked, which is a very serious blow to German cars, coupled with the Japanese car predicaments, then the two traditional car powerhouses are in transition crisis at the same time. However, this is very beneficial for China, so many people are asking questions that were never thought of before, can Chinese cars replace Germany and Japan as world leaders? Well, that seems to me to be quite a possibility. Why is that? To understand this question, we must start with why Volkswagen fired Diess.


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