GAC have been on something of a design revolution of late and their ‘diamond-cut’ styling looks no more stunning than on the imposing GS8 SUV. But that mammoth grille and chiselled looks are nothing to be feared, for while the GS8 is all flash outside, it’s comfort and refinement all the way once you’re on the move. A silky smooth 2.0-litre engine mated with an electric motor helps the GS8 move 6 or 7 people with ease, and for a quite remarkable price. Possibly the most distinctive people mover out there.

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5 thoughts on “The GAC GS8 Hybrid Is The Blingiest SUV In China With A Cushy Interior And Space For A 7-A-Side Team”

  1. Hello. What's the price of petrol/diesel and electricity per kWh in China? Weirdly nobody talks about costs of running fuel vs electric cars per km. Also do kWh prices vary in between households and commercial car chargers in China? Thank you.

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