This one has been a long time coming, folks, but we finally got our hands on the E-HS9. If you thought the Hongqi H9 sedan was in-your-face, just wait till you see this thing!

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21 thoughts on “The Hongqi E-HS9 Is A Rolls-Royce EV At 1/5 The Price”

  1. We get this one couple of weeks ago. In short, it`s completely rubbish, everywhere is China quality. Front trunk you need slam with force to make him close. When charging, suddenly heating stops. Or more fun, in one point it`s took 1.5h to start charging. Ohh, and best part. They said 465km range? Yea right, battery dying constantly after 250km. This one compare to Rolls-Royce is hmm, like comparing fish nuggets and blue lobster, and yea, Hongqi is that nugget. We will sell this one next month, completely waste of money.

  2. I definitely prefer to call it Red flag which reveals its background and sounds better. Because most foreigners have difficulty to pronounce Qi, HongQi sounds like HornCheap?

  3. A $100000 car made out of the material Chinesium that self destructs after a few years, and it has a lower range than most big EV's these days? I'll pass, no matter the level of luxury…

  4. Such incompetent review! It should be classified as "interior review"… What about driving?! What about maneuvering?! What about suspension? What about drive mods? What about the 12 things (number is just an example) you missed to discuss in the video?! Pothetic click bait!

  5. Rolls Royce lost a lot of money when this was launched. Their production staff saw this vehicle and apparently their uncontrollable laughter caused some serious injuries including whiplash, asthma attacks and loss of consciousness. The bloke who hand paints the coach lines on Rollers is still off with a shaky hand although he has said that this has had some unexpected benefits ?

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