When we first saw the HiPhi X at the Beijing Auto Show last year, we had strong doubts about how it would work in the real world. Well, turns out we were right in some ways, but very wrong in others.

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50 thoughts on “The Human Horizons Hiphi X Is Like A Sci-fi Movie Prop You Can Actually Drive”

  1. The stupidest thing I noticed when I saw this as a concept car is the screen of the passenger seat: it curves on the right side and gets into the door, meaning every time you get in or out you get an attempt at knocking your knee into the screen. I can't imagine not having buyers break that screen sooner or later.
    Nio is amazing cool technology, Hiphi is an excessive attempt to just do things to show off.
    The light matrix is cool though. In a Western version they'd have to let you flip a bird too ?

  2. Revolutionary? No. Bulky center part that hinders intimacy for two people in front. It seems that all reviewers never try driving cars with their spouse in their videos, and always forget about couples.

  3. here there are so many different brans of EV car in shenzhen city.But I prefer the oil car because my home is fk away from shenzhen city to my hometown .EV car cant work out

  4. Typical Chinese cheap pretentious vehicle: great from a far, embarrassing up close. I can already see this thing rot and rust straight after one year of ownership. Not to mention the bugs and all the issues with electronics will become even worse.
    P.S poor Ethan… Hope you are doing well.

  5. This design is just supercool, looks stunning in a video, must look even better in the metal. Especially from the side view it transcends any car type to me and would be the only car I´d need, being sporty, sleek and spacious at the same time. Imagine this car lowered and equipped with even more appealing aftermarket wheels ! I am a german guy, but i must say I always had a feeling that German car design is too conservative, since the german manufacturers are attached too much to their design evolution of the previous models. Now the Chinese come and do a design that is futuristic, exciting and emotional all at once … What they mastered perfectly here is that it looks futuristic but not too futuristic at the same time. To me, compared to the recent NIO cars, they nailed the interior here as well, which makes this car pretty irresistable. Though this interior is packed with screens, it somehow manages to give you quite a cozy feeling. I would buy this one anytime over a german car, sad but true, at least with the models offered these days. Great presentation by the way !

  6. I am left wondering why anyone would call these suicide doors in any context or purpose… and air-conditioned heated seats maybe? Love the headlight pedestrian walkway imaging, doors, and air suspension. Pricey but great specs.

  7. How much is it in US dollars?Made in China?If you use the media in the car, personal information will not be sent to China, right?Hah, hah, hah.

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