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32 thoughts on “The Worlds 2021 CHEAP Chinese Car Part Epidemic…”

  1. If it says "Made in Japan", it is in fact made there. I've worked in a Japanese factory in Ebina, Japan. The quality standard and work ethic are very high.

  2. Me and a friend run a shop, can confirm the parts crisis. We had Honda 1.7 cam sensors from china a few times. They absolutely don't work. Fake NGK plugs. Lot's of problems. We have to tell customers that we can get parts cheaper on Amazon but we dont warranty them. Yes I know we can send them back, but we don't have time for that. You then get a car sitting around for a part to be mailed off and mailed back. Advanced or other part store parts are usually twice the price but I can get them warrantied rather quick. So I usually give them the option.

  3. when does the company get held liable for this? Everyone wants to blame it on politics….. Is it better to blame a politician, than to hold the company account for this? Everyone complains about it, but no one wants to call out the companies on their bull. If a company sends products to be made overseas call them out on it. It's all about money at the end of the day…The company figure that they will save some money if they get their products made overseas. But not caring if someone steals their ideas and makes crappy copies sells it for $10 to $30 less.

    But for some reason easier to blame a politician for it, instead of holding the company liable for it. All of this started back in the 1990's……
    This burns me up inside….because no one wants to look for the truth about this problem…..

    The companies are the ones that are people our people…….

  4. I had a brand new Behr radiator leaking at the crimps. This is bad when you are trying to run a business and very bad for the environment.

  5. I replace wheel berings at around 175000 miles but the second set does not need to last that long. the engine will be crap in about 5 years. chins part 38 dollor. version oem 175 plus.

  6. Its funny how there is always one or two things the Chinese parts skimp out on. I had a chinese Mazda control arm that looked almost identical to original but rubber wasn't as soft and was slightly off angle. The rubber blew out after a few months. I had a chinese vacuum pump that worked fine but the oil they provided was crap and couldn't pull a good vacuum without going to Home Depot and buying some new vacuum oil.

  7. Hey Nathan I got a m62tu and on passenger intake vanos the ohm pins are able to be spun easily p0011 p0021 rough idle not sure what to do next

  8. Nathan, do you remember back in the late 60 and 70's the guy's from Asia would come over here with there cameras ? before all this digital world was around. Everywhere you go an Asian guy was taking pictures of everything, of what? ya" innocent pictures, ya" right. They were making photos to take back to the Asian lands. To do what? make copy's. It's been going on forever. You might say espionage. But what did we do about it, nothing!!! We made one mistake we let it be!! Ya" when our company's and manufacturers should have been trying to figure out how to keep all our manufacturing strong we were fighting over money labor unions instead of using it to build a strong future for the United States of America ?? company's were looking for a way out, cheap way out. Cheaper labor, low cost manufacturing. Well it has bit us in the ASS. Others are taking advantage of us. Because of greed on our part. It's now almost to late to try and do anything anymore. By design of the monetary system and the control of everything in the manufacturing world. If we don't try to do something fast we are screwed. And the junk from. Somewhere else, well we are seeing it now and in the future. Very, Very sad that our country has come to this point of time to be defeted by commies and other country's we have nothing to do with but our loss.

  9. Bought an exhaust CPS "Hella" They make or made the oem part for BMW got it stamped made in China I was floored paid close to $80.00.So I thought WTH put it in any way within 5 min rough idle SES light came bk on sure enough sensor of low quality…Got one out of a junk car put it in no light since..This is sad that your German Automakers have sold out as well..

  10. I'm building an S85 stroker 5.8….will I pay $6000 for a cnc machined crank made in the USA, no.. I will pay $1500 for the 84mm crank and $600 for 10 forged 94mm pistons and $600 for 10 H-beam conrods from the same Chinese supplier to the American company.
    Do we really believe an American company that has fired half of its work staff has the ability to maintain production? They have become middle men to chinese production.

  11. I've just bought an oil pan gasket, oil filter with gasket, and 15 valve cover seals for 10 euro all in – including postage. From guess where?

    There were exhaust cam sensors on there for half nothing, but I chickened out and ordered a Febi sensor for 20 euro, which is still kind of half nothing, but at least it's German, supposedly?

  12. I bought two water cooled alternator from Amazon for a X5 4.4i. One failed immediately. The 2nd failed in one week. Bearings. It had a 5 star rating. Finally got the third from ECS. Amazon offered me $5 for my trouble.

  13. Stop ordering from eBay and Amazon for top tier German vehicles. Problem solved. There are plenty of places to purchase OEM / non Chinese parts. Jesus.

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