This China EV Company JUST ANNOUNCED It’s SHOCKING EV Models Set To Take Over The Entire EV Industry

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Many businesses in Taiwan have benefited from a worldwide trend toward electric vehicles. And to expand their businesses, long-established consumer electronics manufacturers are looking outside their usual industries.

In addition, they are currently increasing the production of EV parts and systems to achieve this goal. Now, Taiwan’s contributions to the global supply chain for internal combustion engine automobiles have been minimal.

In contrast, it has recently begun aggressively growing its presence in the EV industry. And it’s crucial that the island excels at contract manufacturing for electronics and mechatronics. Moreover, the industry’s top automakers see it as vital to their survival as consumers shift from petrol to electric automobiles.

However, just last month, a Taiwan-based electronics manufacturer announced its newest EV models, which are set to take the EV industry by storm!

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Thank You For Watching Our Video; This China EV Company JUST ANNOUNCED It’s SHOCKING EV Models Set To Take Over The Entire EV Industry

Foxconn, best known for making Apple’s iPhone, has plans to expand into the automotive industry.

And just recently, the business unveiled a model designed to compete head-on with the Tesla Model Y and other similar vehicles, such as the Hyundai Ioniq 5 and the Volkswagen ID.4.

It’s known as the Foxtron Model B, and it was unveiled last October 18.

Now, Foxconn calls this a concept, but it appears to be a production-ready car.

The company also unveiled the Model V, which is Taiwan’s first electric pickup truck. FOXTRON MODEL B

Now, the Model B seems like it may be a great electric vehicle for export. Although it looks more like a small hatchback, Foxconn calls it an urban crossover.

The idea shares a footprint with Volkswagen’s ID.3 and is based on MIH’s modular architecture. Dimensionally, it measures 169.3 inches in length, 73.4 inches in width, and 60.2 inches in height on a 110.2-inch wheelbase.

The design by Pininfarina is flawless in terms of aesthetics. And the Model B’s body was redesigned to include curves, and it received new LED taillights and a slick new vented hood. It also features a drag coefficient of 0.26 cd thanks to its aerodynamic roof and air-curtain D-pillars.

The advanced taillights may connect with other vehicles on the road or display graphical information such as the battery’s charge level.

And the huge 15.6-inch infotainment screen is the centerpiece of the cabin.

The concept is also fitted with Foxconn’s upgradable infotainment software.

In addition, because of the large number of buttons incorporated into the steering wheel, no physical controls are located on the center console.

Foxconn says it has a 280-mile range, but they don’t specify how they arrived at that number or what size battery it contains.


Now, let’s talk about the Model V pickup. This one is unbranded by Foxtron but does have a Foxconn logo on the trunk lid.

Built in-house, it has a double-cab layout, L-shaped LED branding, and concealed door pulls. It also features a decent level of ground clearance and several ADAS sensors strategically placed around the chassis.

The cabin has white upholstery and a computerized cockpit with four displays, two of which are cameras in place of traditional mirrors.

The wheelbase of 126.8 inches is shorter than that of a Ford Ranger by two inches. And the rear bed’s length of 59 inches is comparable to that of the Toyota Hilux.

Foxconn’s electric pickup can haul the same 2,205 pounds as conventional internal combustion engine pickups of the same size. And an additional 6,614 pounds may be towed with it.

The output of its electric motors was not disclosed by the corporation. But the Model V is described as an “all-terrain pickup,” so we hope it comes standard with all-wheel drive.

It has an estimated 261-mile range and a quick-charging battery that goes from zero to eighty percent in only thirty minutes.

Now, Foxconn bought a factory in Ohio and planned to make it an important electric vehicle manufacturing hub.

The plant’s blueprints supposedly call for the ability to crank out 500,000 automobiles annually. Moreover, Foxconn intends to provide its production services to third parties that do not have their own facilities. This is similar to what it has done in the electronics manufacturing industry.

However, Foxtron Model B production will happen in more places than only the USA. It will also be manufactured in China for a full year before it is in the United States, which is in 2023.

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