Robert checks out the new Ora Funky Cat, from Chinese car maker, Great Wall Motor. With an impressively premium interior, cheerful looks, lots of standard equipment and a very reasonable price, is this compact EV everything we’ve been asking for – and not getting – from Western car brands?

00:00 Getting Funky in Solihull!
00:57 Speedy driving impressions
1:43 A speedy Chinese history lesson
3:36 Exterior walkaround
5:32 A very charming interior!
6:46 Specs and versions
8:03 Always watching…
9:34 Bobby loves a button
10:57 Back seat Bob test
12:14 We’re sorry about this bit…
13:09 European brands: take note!

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34 thoughts on “This Chinese EV Shows Why Western Brands Are In Trouble…”

  1. A kind suggestion from a Chinese viewer: just talk about cars and don’t judge another country’s politics like the only “right” politics must be the same as western ones. No country is perfect and no leader is perfect. We know UK and US are great countries now but British ancestors invaded and colonized many places in the world and sold black people as slaves. Compare the population size of Indians and Uighurs nowadays and anyone not blind will find out where genocide is happening on the earth.

  2. China makes the best cars and EVs by far and is also the world leader in EV battery tech. Drop it with the political propaganda and western brainwashing, Mao was vastly better than any western terrorist leader and the current Communist Party is again so much better than any current terrorist western regime.

  3. I have a Fiat 500e and I think this might be an improvement in every way. I'm only concerned with the Chinese obsession with spying on users (e.g. see every Chinese phone OEM).

  4. You really need to fire whoever edits your videos. The transitions somehow manage to give me a headache and motion sickness. Id hate to think what they'd do to someone with photosensitive epilepsy

  5. You don't say when you did not witness it, a lot of abuse going on there? Do you really think you are smart enough to get all the attention? You reviewing a car and trying to sell it, why do you have to spread the rumors?

  6. I think you are wrong about China car taking over the electric car market outside China. America and Europe have already band China technology such as Huawei for security reasons. These cars have more technology than the mobiles and routing equipment. How can the US and Europe ban them for security reasons and then accept cars that will be even more a security risk

  7. No matter people make look bad about China as human right bla bla. I really like what China is doing nowadays. Most of people judge without going there themself but just washed by CNN and BBC hehe. So funny.
    I love this car design and its compact quality. ?????

  8. Don't get too excited. The US and its lackey UK, will undoubtedly ban its sale in the west, sanctions like Huawei coming soon to the free market capitalists in the west.

  9. If you want to buy this car and if it is available in your country given that it is one of those English speaking countries, you better hurry a bit cuz I fear that someone in the oval office will say that the sleepiness surveillance function (08:06) will be attacked as violating human rights or national security.

  10. The ONLY thing that ever reliably worked that came out of China is Covid. You can waffle on all you like about EV's and how great they are but battery replacement costs, spare parts costs blah blah will rely heavily on China and when (and they will knowing the Chinese very well) they decide they want more money or something that will benefit them they WILL pull a stunt like supply issues especially considering they control the VAST majority of lithium and cobalt mines.
    Super charging the battery lowers its cycles, retro fitting buildings in apartment blocks is very expensive. Some insurance companies in the US are refusing to insure your home and car unless you charge the bloody thing 50 feet or more from the house or other vehicles and if you still want to go ahead they screw you too the floor with premiums. As for apartment blocks who will pay the insurance if your car goes kaboom and sets everything on fire?
    Good luck with all of the above peeps. The proverbial hasn't hit the fan yet but it's already been thrown.Its on its way.

  11. Well that was one way to make an off-hand political statement on China while reasserting Western virtues on "human rights"… but yes, it's a nice little Chinese EV but I'm more interested in the full-sized NIO

  12. 撒逼一个,谈车就谈车偏要说的政治,还谈历史就是笑话,和美国接触从毛晚年就开始,但要说到西方了解毛要从毛开创根据地就开始了,影片也显示是周恩来接见来访者,周在世是什么年代,不懂还装懂,无知无畏啊!

  13. Chinese cars are still awful and you won't convince me otherwise. Might seem like a deal now but it will fall apart soon.

    Edit: better warranty than expected but also way more expensive than I expected!

  14. Why no mention of how fast it charges from 20% to 80%? That is kind of important to know, especially if you will be dealing with mostly non-Tesla chargers and having a bad charging experience like here in the States.

  15. Good review. But ORA EV is not a good EV in China and its manufacturer GMW is bad at producing EV. The top-tier EV brands in China are BYD, XPeng, Li Auto, Nio, Geely.

  16. You think a 100,000 warranty is good? Just because thats normal for a fossil car doesn't make it good, Ev's have about 60% less moving parts so they can easily be built to be maintenance free for 200,000 if customers come to expect and demand it, 500,000 is even realistic in the near future….The future needs to be designed to be long term if humans want to be around long term.

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