Struggling to keep track of the zillions of new electric cars arriving in the next 12 months? Our resident car nerd Jack Scarlett is here to help. In this video we (try to) list every single new EV arriving this calendar year – plus a few we just can’t wait for in 2024.
Let us know in the comments which of these cars you’d like to see featured on the channel in 2023!

00:00 Intro
1:44 UK
4:01 The Netherlands
5:00 Italy
6:52 France
7:18 Sweden
7:37 Germany
10:59 Japan
11:46 South Korea
12:41 Vietnam
13:09 China
15:10 USA
18:56 Which do YOU want to see?

Lotus Eletre first look:
Lightyear 0 first drive:
Abarth 500e first look:
Polestar 3 first look:
Smart #1 first look:
Audi Q8 e-tron first look:
Mercedes EQG first look:
Sono Sion first drive:
Ioniq 6 first drive:
Vinfast documentary:
BYD Seal first drive:
BYD Atto first drive:
Nio ET7 first drive:
Nio battery swapping stations:
Xpeng P7 first drive:
Xpeng G9 first drive:
Canoo first drive:
Fisker Ocean first look:
Aptera first drive:

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