The Chinese EVs are getting really great and this is full proof of it. I had never even heard of this car until recently and it’s so impressive as to the quality, thoughtfulness, and overall feeling. Watch our European and American carmakers, the Chinese are on a trajectory to overtake!

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30 thoughts on “This Is The Arcfox Alpha-S And It’s Proof We Need To Stop Ignoring Chinese Electric Cars”

  1. All Chinese companies are appendages of the central Chinese government and the Chinese communist party. Buying Chinese products is direct support of the Chinese communist part

  2. Most people I know will never purchase electric vehicles. They love their gas vehicles. Ice vehicles will be around for a very long time. One of the big issues for alot of people I know is they can't tinker at an electric vehicle as there is very little customising for them.

  3. I find the best way to test a stability system is to drive at any speed over 10mph and make a hard u turn. The car will go mushy and usually cut back the throttle, as compared to the exact same turn with stability off.
    Which can be a negative if you need to make a hard fast turn or start. And always, a disturbing feel as it changes your turn.
    No tire burns needed, just a hard turn.

  4. When a car isn't made or sold in the US or Europe, buyers have no choice but to ignore them. Even reviews are pointless as litterally no-one will ever see one, let alone drive one. I guess you can look at the technology, but that's about it.

  5. This car is awesome ! I heard in future models they are going to put miniature windmills on the roof ! That way it'll be self-sustaining and never have to be recharged ! These guys are geniuses !

  6. Sony take note! This is the design that your future care needs! Your future sedan and suv designs are just about as exciting any 1970's GM products -> take your pick as they were all horrible!

  7. Is it crashworthy? Some of the biggest differences between what we used to call 'first world' cars and others is how they hold up in a crash

  8. I have never ignored Chinese EVs. As a matter of fact, I have paid a lot of attention to the EVs manufactured in China for the past several years. I always wish I could get one of BYDs or NIOs in the US, however I don't think my wish can be fulfilled in a very near future. But I will never give up hoping though.

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