Chinese electric vehicles are coming after Tesla. These top 10 electric cars and electric SUVs are worth to keep them in mind. The global electric vehicle market is heating up and China wants to dominate. The country has invested at least $60 billion to support the EV industry and it’s pushing an ambitious plan to transition to all electric or hybrid cars by 2035. Tesla entered the Chinese market in 2019 and has seen rapid growth. Chinese cars will catch up with Tesla. It’s a matter of time before Chinese electric cars to outsell the Tesla Model 3 or Tesla Model Y in China. Some of them truly can become a Tesla Killer, and we will only find out in the future. But as of now, You may as well get to know what Chinese electric car brands have to offer in this video.

0:13 NIO ET7
1:29 SAIC Volkswagen e-Tharu (SAIC VW Tharu)
2:48 Polestar 3
4:14 Byton m-Byte
5:37 BYD Song Plus SUV
6:54 MG Marvel R Electric SUV
8:17 MG5 Electric Wagon
9:45 Chinese BMW iX3
10:59 Lynk & Co Zero EV
11:53 Volvo C40 ReCharge



24 thoughts on “Top 10 Chinese Electric Cars 2022 That Can Outsell Tesla Models in China”

  1. Polestar is not a Chinese car. It's a Scandinavian car developed in conjunction with Volvo in Sweden. They are assembled in China and one will be made in the USA this year, but it is not a Chinese-developed, engineered or designed car and Polestar is an international brand and not a Chinese one. China makes some fine cars and this isn't a knock on China. But because Volvo/Polestar is owned by Chinese doesn't make them Chinese.

    VW is also not Chinese. There are great Chinese brands to show without showing any Euro brands that may be owned by or have some joint venture with China brands.

  2. 0:20 1st car: NIO IT7 fully charged from San Francisco to Los Angeles and back 625 miles it’s wow factor compare to other ev for only 200-300 miles per charge

  3. We all need ev that will charge at any charging station in less than 10 minutes. Ev with range more than 500 km. Ev at price less than 50k$ with domestic charging station included. We don’t need 20 speakers or massage seats!

  4. I wouldn't pay more than $20,000 for any Chinese car. I don't trust their supply chain. I don't want to make payments on a car with a dead battery. and a promise from the factory that it will be fixed soon.

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