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Take a look at these top 10 Chinese electric cars by 2023.
10. Nio ES7 2023
9. Xpeng P7
8. BYD Seal
7. NIO ET7
6. Geely Emgrand
5. NIO ES 8
4. BYD Seagull
3. ORA Good Cat
2. BYD Sea Lion
1. NIO EP9


11 thoughts on “Top 10 Chinese Electric Cars By 2023”

  1. My Favorite is Leapmotor C11 , 28000 usd or Hengchi 5 for 26780 usd others Xpeng G3i starting price 24000 usd Weltneister EX5 26000 usd start 22500 usd , Skywel ET 5 , GAC Aion
    Chery Eq5 23000 usd This EV,s are bestseller and have economic cheap prices , we can not pay famous brands double price in this economic Situation,
    China have over 300 startup cumpanies
    This companies are 5 years further that market brands and for half of price of european cars

  2. What about the Mongolian Mongoose EV ? How many EVs does it take to convince the World that GAS is the way to go ,,,? It always has been highly successful..Don't you think?

  3. All china exporting models mentioned here only.
    Only 3 companies are mentioned….Nio Byd and Geely. There are plenty others launched in china. You are just scratch the tip of an iceberg

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