Let’s face it, over the years Chinese car manufacturers weren’t associated with unique design, cutting-edge technologies and perfect build quality.

However, these days seem to be long gone, especially on the all-electric sports cars market. We invite you take a look at the EVs that might soon be racing on the streets, but you never would have thought to be made in China. Enjoy the ride!

Cars featured and reviewed in this top 10 video:

Arcfox 7: www.mullenusa.com/baic-models/baic-arcfox-7/

Techrules TREV: www.techrules-news.com/

Techrules Ren: techrules-news.com

LeEco LeSee Pro: www.lesee.leeco.com/

Qiantu K50: www.qiantumotor.com/EnIndexNew/index

Thunder Power EV: www.tpev.com/en/news

Nio EVE: www.nio.io/visioncar

Nio EP9: www.nio.io/ep9

Zhiche Auto Singulato: www.singulato.com/news/

Windbooster Titan Electric Supercar: www.facebook.com/windbooster/


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