Top 20 Copycat cars in China – worst ever Chinese knockoff car brands!
Here is my top 20 worst chinese car brands you must watch out for except you don’t mind settling for ripoff vehicles. You tend to discover the long standing yet worst chinese car brands knockoffs.

None of these chinese copy cars is ever worth trying or owning except if you are not safety conscious. Note that not all fake cars and other automobiles are made in China products but majority are. Cloned cars are complete ripoff because you eventually ended up getting less for your hard earn money.

This is for educational purpose only and not an advise on the type of cars or brands to buy or choose from !

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2 thoughts on “Top 20 Copycat cars in China – worst ever Chinese knockoff car brands”

  1. Correction on the Detroit Electric SP.01. It's neither Chinese or a knockoff.

    The SP.01 was a project of former Lotus Engineering CEO and Lotus Cars Executive Director, Albert Lam. The company that revived the Detroit Electric brand was actually of Dutch origin.

    It was also never even planned to be built in China, rather, they planned to build it in Wayne County, Michigan…literally in Ford's backyard. The initial prototype was built in the Netherlands, and mass production plans had shifted from Michigan to England.

    The car was also directly based on the Exige in the same manner as the Tesla Roadster, with the chassis being supplied by Lotus…the same company Lam had worked for.

    The only connections to China with the car are it's early showing in Shanghai in 2013 and the first 'production-spec' SP.01 was shipped to China as a demonstrator in 2016.

    The SP.01 was as much of a Lotus knockoff as the Tesla Roadster or the Hennessey Venom GT, both of which were also Lotus based, with a good part of the car being legitimately sourced from Lotus.

    The Brilliance V5 is a rather clever knockoff, because when the V5 came out…Brilliance was actually building the actual X1 for BMW through a joint venture…and yet there's no legitimate X1 parts in the V5. Clever and ironic at the same time.

    The Porsche/BYD part…the copy shows a picture of an actual Cayenne. Also, the generation of Cayenne that is shown for both isn't even the generation the T6 copied, rather the one before.

    Also funny about the Lifan 320…they copied the Mini, but as a 5-door…and then later, Mini makes a 5-door Cooper.

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