Globally, China is the largest automotive market, both in terms of demand and supply. In 2017, China produced almost 25 million passenger cars and around four million commercial vehicles. China is expected to also drive demand in the automotive market, with close to 35 million expected vehicle sales in 2020. That is a lot of vehicles, so let’s talk about the biggest car companies in China.


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  2. The question is will you buy a Chinese-made car, if the price is right, and they meet the quality, then of course. I will buy from any country if the price is right !

  3. I am Chinese, China's mobile phones and cars are very reliable. The Chinese study hard and industrialize rapidly. China is very reliable now! For 5000 years, China has been the strongest country in Asia.. GDP will become the first in the world within five years… You deserve the car, guys

  4. Still so many people are putting understanding the Chinese manufacturing because they have a fixed mentality Chinese products all re same non durable and weak. But in reality Chinese good product can beat anyone

  5. I drive a DFSK I auto ( glory) 2021. It's a reasonable 7 seater with sleek design and lots of high end features. Time to come the brand concerns will fade away and consumers will buy any brand which holds value for them. Also technology is so freely available to one car manufacturer to replicate and give a worthy product.

  6. I appreciate the Chinese cars here in the Philippines. It has a lot of features, aggressive looks and especially affordable cars, but some people said that chinese car has a lot of issues and problems.

  7. i have just bought a 2021 G10 diesel auto it runs smooth and goes great i use to have a kia pregio which done 867,000klms on the same motor and gearbox and at that time they were new and we all thought it was rubbish now china is where korea was its only up from here My daughter is looking at an MG ZST to buy

  8. In view of the anti-civil rights approach China takes, there is no way in good conscience that I would even consider purchasing a vehicle made or distributed by them. If the country ever changes its approach in that regard, then most assuredly would I change my mine.

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