With mainstream consumer acceptance and government support, China’s electric car sector is booming. In this video we will show you the top 5 electric vehicles in full detail, and explain why everyone is waiting for these particular cars:

0:17 Byton M-Byte
2:16 Lynk&Co Zero / Zeekr 001
3:58 Xpeng P7
5:49 BYD Han
8:09 NIO ET7



37 thoughts on “Top 5 Chinese Electric Cars to Look Out For in 2022”

  1. Not interested in supporting a murderous dictatorial regime. Trade should be not be amoral. Human rights and labour rights matter. And don't tell me these are private companies. There are no independent companies in dictatorships. Just like with Russia, people who warn about trade with dictatorships are ridiculed and hated, the truth is ignored and dismissed. So the tyrants get richer and stronger.

  2. How is it Chinese cars are generally beautiful with advanced features—best being the Ora Cat—while U.S. cars look like crunched up cereal boxes with ugly grilles and so on? And, I'm pretty sure you won't be able to buy most Chinese cars in the U.S. If the U.S. and U.S. automakers allowed Chinese cars here, GM, Chrysler and friends would be left in tatters.

  3. Zeekr is on the market for 3months already and it's still unfinished product. Voice control is bad and active cruise control still not working.

  4. The "CCP National Concentration Camp" under the control of the "CCP Anti-Human Terrorist Organization" is rich in copycat garbage trucks. The garbage pirated garbage assembled toy car with the highest spontaneous combustion rate. Abuse of technology to monitor, steal, kidnap, and harm all mankind. Very disgusting. The shameful media is even more disgusting.


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