33 thoughts on “Top Gear – Jeremy and James in China (Part 1)”

  1. Vietnamese here and even us have to be careful when we shop here. The chinese made stuff looks just like the Japanese Made, until a week later of course.

  2. Its so sad the way the UK constantly smear China which is technically THE world power ahead of the USA (Unlimited supply of arms) AND the UK has NO highspeed trains or modern infrastructure mostly a left over of the 19th century. While China has MORE than any other country

  3. it's hard to believe that within a decade or so China has come a long way..long long way tbh. Starbucks has more shops in China than any other country in the world. BYD, NIO, Xpeng, Li auto, hiphi all are making fanatic cars. Indian, Vietnamese and many other small companies copying Chinese tech it's crazy ay

  4. Just to give you information that hatchback isn't called the "CA6410UA", it's a serial number because most Chinese cars have a lot of serial numbers, so it's real name is the FAW Lubao CA6410UA.

    And yes it's definitely a identical rebuilt version of the Austin Maestro with a Toyota engine, and the Chinese tobacco company which bought the tooling rights was called Etsong which was also a Chinese car manufacturer taken over by FAW in 2003.

  5. Just think, in the nearer to 1990 than 2000, the Peoples Liberation Army Air Force and PLA-Navy-Air Arm, were essentially flying re-produced MiG21 Fishbed's branded the Chengdu J-7 and re-heated MiG Ye-152 Flipper (it was an experimental type that never made it to production), as the relatively unknown, Chengdu J8-I Flipper (it looks something like a giant MiG19 Farmer) – the Navy itself essentially a brown-water-at-worst, green–water-at-best Fleet & an Army using Type 59/69 Main Battle Tanks (copies of the T55 & T62).
    Given that we'd seen what the USAF and RAF et. al. had done to the Iraqi's (and yes China was "better" than Iraq), its a shock to the system to see just where the PLAAF and PLA-N-AF are these days with Fleet Carriers, many Gen 4.5 jets and one assumes a cheap, but functional, Gen 5 jet in the J20 and allied to that access to offshore facilities on a global level – hosted by Governments that cannot afford to not have them.

    Should we be surprised when we see what the PRC does with cars?

    However there's one thing: The wealth may exist but that's not spread equally, far from it (and yes "the West" is the same), but the CCP fear either "New Communism" essentially neo-Maoism or a decent into "factionalism" caused by the fact most of the wealth is concentrated between Shenzen and Liadong & relatively shallow from the sea-shore to the hinterlands.

  6. You can easily buy one of those fake iPhones. Just stand in front of one of the terminals at Shanghai Airport. You'll constantly be accosted by people who want to sell you an "iPhone". At least that's the way it was before Covid. Don't know about now.

  7. Fun to see everything is so fake in this video. Is every report from the british same tone as the FAKE BBC ? You can not make report without putting those outdated from nowhere pollution clips, do not you ?
    If Anyone hope to know what China is like today, search vlogs by expat living in China. Stay away from BBC.

  8. All that fake stuff does not matter, do not worry because this is a fake top gear show and i am fake jeremy clarkson, fake james may, fake richard hammond.

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