Torn jeans, late nights, and a pocket knife. What is Yen up to? Love drives us and yet it’s often misunderstood.

Happy #ChineseNewYear from us at Taylor’s.

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25 thoughts on “Torn | CNY 2023”

  1. Kudos to the team, storyline is so relatable. That’s how every parent react on what we do. Thanks to petronas for being the pioneer to inspire more brands to produce amazing ads??

  2. I am a deaf (OKU). It's indeed wonderful to see that blind kid to play blind character for the sake of representing the authenticity. Because I don’t think that disability is a costume that able-bodied can play.

  3. Congrats Ruben Kang and the Imagineers team… Didn’t expect that … Well written and well executed …. A classic masterpiece of amazing story telling and the right ingredients for the ultimate heart string puller … You truly are a master at ur craft..

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