Unbelievable Chinese copycat cars

The car industry in China is getting bigger by the day and the country’s leading car manufacturers are spreading their influence across the world through astute acquisitions of foreign brands and rapidly improving products. In the Chinese domestic market, however, it’s not unusual for cars to take inspiration for their improvements in a less than legitimate capacity.

So here we are comaparing the branded copycat cars which is made in china.

KDC Regola and McLaren
Copied : McLaren 570GT
Copycat : KDC Regola

Hongqi electric concept car and Maybach 6 concept
Copied: Vision Mercedes-Maybach 6
Copycat: Hongqi electric concept car

Dongfeng Jingyi S50 and Volkswagen Passat.
Copied: Volkswagen Passat
Copycat: Jingyi S50

Dongfeng Fenshen AX4 and MG GS.
Copied: MG GS
Copycat: Fenshen AX4

Changan CS55 and Land Rover Discovery Sport.
Copied: Land Rover Discovery Sport
Copycat: Changan CS55

Changan CX70 T and Land Rover Discovery.
Copied: Land Rover Discovery
Copycat: Changan CX70 T

BYD Yuan and Ford EcoSport.
Copied: Ford EcoSport
Copycat: BYD Yuan

BAIC BJ80 and Mercedes G-Class.
Copied: Mercedes G-Class
Copycat: BAIC BJ80

FAW Besturn X40 and Mazda CX-5.
Copied: Mazda CX-5
Copycat: FAW Besturn X40

LandWind X7 and Range Rover Evoque.
Copied: Range Rover Evoque
Copycat: LandWind X7

Zotye T600 and Volkswagen Tiguan.
Copied: Volkswagen Tiguan
Copycat: Zotye T600

Zotye SR9 and Porsche Macan.
Copied: Porsche Macan
Copycat: Zotye SR9

Hanteng electric concept and Jaguar I-Pace
Copied: Jaguar I-Pace
Copycat: Hanteng electric concept

Zotye E200 and Smart ForTwo.
Copied: Smart ForTwo
Copycat: Zotye E200

Lifan Xuanlang and Ford S-MAX.
Copied: Ford S-MAX
Copycat: Lifan Xuanlang

G Patton and Hummer.
Copied: Hummer
Copycat: G Patton

Hongqi LS5 and Range Rover.
Copied: Range Rover
Copycat: Hongqi LS5

Eagle and Porsche Cayman.
Copied: Porsche Cayman
Copycat: Eagle

JAC A6 and Audi A6.
Copied: Audi A6
Copycat: JAC A6

BAIC X424 and Jeep Cherokee.
Copied: Jeep Cherokee
Copycat: BAIC X424

BYD S7 and Lexus RX.
Copied: Lexus RX
Copycat: BYD S7

Geely GE and Rolls-Royce Phantom.
Copied: Rolls-Royce Phantom
Copycat: Geely GE

Lifan 330 and MINI.
Copied: MINI
Copycat: Lifan 330

Chery Riich M1 and Toyota Yaris.
Copied: Toyota Yaris
Copycat: Chery Riich M1

Brilliance V5 and BMW X1.
Copied: BMW X1
Copycat: Brilliance V5

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