In this video, i Will Unbox 1300$ China Mini Electric Car 2 Door 60v 1500W 73Ah with Air Conditioning.
I bought this car for my wife, let her take the kids to school.
Thanks you for watching, Have a great day !


49 thoughts on “Unbox 1300$ China Mini Electric Car 2 Door 60v 1500W 73Ah with Air Conditioning”

  1. I'm getting one of this or the truck I have only $3000 so I'm thinking about get one of this n getting the truck to cuz the truck it's only $2000 n this is only $1300 so I'm thinking about getting both or maybe one

  2. Can you post it with subtitles next time….

    I have seen the same EV s advertised for sale here in the USA, but it’s more than $1,300, like 10 times more!

    It’d be great to get basic transportation like this for $1,300 that includes air conditioning.

    Calling them cars is charitable since they are more like golf carts….

    Interesting video though

  3. Ottima piccola auto, ha tutto anche i sensori che fanno apparire le linee di traccia della retromarcia e parcheggio. Ottima qualità prezzo !!! Bravi cinesi !!!

  4. القراءن فيه علم لايعرفة كثير من الناس يحدثك عن نفسك وآدم والجن وعيسى بن مريم وإبراهئم وكيف تكفر وكيف تؤمن ومالم تعرفة من الإنجيل اقراء القراءن ولن تندم كما قالت الجن ان سمعنا قراءن عجب يهدي إلى الحق

  5. Вспомнил мультик Простоквашино, как Дядя Фёдор и его папа чинили дома Запорожец. Вот это про эту машинку.

  6. Who from china makes this gas or electric car.
    I want 1 of each design. Gas and electric.
    I want to unlimit both vehicles electric and gas mileage Range closer to ""Infinity"!

  7. These cars have so so much more potential for effeciency and range.
    You can actually get it closer to "" Infinity for a Range"!

    I know for a fact I can make it do it electric or gas powered!

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