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Big thanks to Bueno’s Hotshot Transportation LLC for trucking my truck from Miami! They said they do all sorts of stuff in South Florida, 561-562-0969

This truck from Alibaba:

The gear I use to make my videos:
Camera – Nikon D5300:
Lens – Tamron 18mm – 270mm:
Thermal camera for iPhone/Android:
Drone for “follow me” filming:
Camera for invisible selfie stick shots:

Here are some of the products I use:
Bafang BBS01 kit:
Bafang BBS02 kit:
Bafang BBSHD kit:
250W complete e-bike kit:
500W complete e-bike kit:
1,000W complete e-bike kit:

36V 15Ah Hailong (shark) battery:
48V 15 Ah triangle battery:
52V 20 Ah triangle battery:
All ebike batteries:
All 18650 cells:

100W Flexible solar panel:
100W Folding solar panel:
Cycle Analyst:

The parts that I use for building batteries:
18650 cells:
18650 positive insulating washer:
Nickel strip:
Spot welder:
Silicone wire:
Black 18650 cell spacers:
Vruzend cell spacers:
Large heat shrink tubing:
Small heat shrink tubing:
Foam sheet for protecting battery:
Kapton tape:

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Outro Music: BenSounds

0:00 How it arrived
0:58 Unboxing
4:00 Family doing test circles
5:51 Driving montage
6:47 Initial impressions
7:28 Hydraulic dump bed demonstration
9:04 Wiper and lights
10:17 Wire management
10:45 Backup camera / infotainment screen
11:23 Air conditioning
12:16 Interior features
13:12 Rust concerns?
14:40 Suspension
16:00 Is it street legal?
18:36 Use as a work truck
19:31 How much did it cost?
21:12 Was it worth it?
22:12 Should you buy a truck from China?
23:27 Summary


31 thoughts on “Unboxing & Testing My Chinese “$2,000” ELECTRIC Truck!”

  1. This was not meant to be driven offroad or on unpaved roads. More for going to the store down the street or going to the post office. You will break that thing the way you drive it on bumpy grasslands.

  2. Wow it's kinda cute once Joe Biden and the Democrats get gas and Diesel back up to 8 to 10 Dollars a gallon I would consider buying one!!!!

  3. Thank you for sharing the unboxing and review of this interesting utility vehicle. As a retired person I can think of a thousand things this vehicle could be used for. I was surprised at the "extra" expenses that you had to pay just to get a complete operational unit. That being said, I do like the idea of a small electric utility vehicle.?

  4. For 2k, that is not bad. I want one for my little ranch as a ranch truck. I can fix the minor problems it has and even upgrade it.

  5. In Massachusetts I could drive it on the road without a license because it would qualify as a LSV or low speed vehicle though I personally wouldn't drive it on the road either way until I'm sure that the body was strong enough to withstand a crash

  6. People in the comments that are applying uses to it by American entities are forgetting American entities have for more disposable cash and can easily buy something better without it hurting the bank. 1 grand here can be 10 grand in many parts of the world.

  7. For 7000 total it's not worth it. They DO NOT climb even small hills, plus for 7k you could get a nice old used truck that's street legal..

  8. It appears as if the Gear-Lever may have been installed backwards & might be easily flipped 180-degrees allowing the door to close in both gears.
    if not, you could remove, clamp in a vise, & re-adjust the offset-angle fairly easily as well.

  9. The frame of the protective shipping container could/would make a great carport frame to protect your mini-truck from the weather. Plus as the John Alexander's message said it is obviously stronger than the actual truck frame. This is just a thought. I'm a big believer in recycling, just as that thin plywood has many uses

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