This is the cheapest car in the world. It’s a Chinese pickup truck called the Chang Li Explorer and it’s also one of the smallest cars in the world. Usually at Supercar Blondie we review the most expensive cars in the world, but today we bring you a $2000 car that literally gets delivered to you in a box.

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00:00 Unboxing
03:24 Fitting Extra Parts
06:24 Power Supply
08:04 Start up & Interior
08:58 Prepare for Drive
12:01 First Drive


26 thoughts on “Unboxing World's Cheapest Pickup Truck”

  1. Why would an electric vehicle even need a live rear axle, unless it was designed for also running on a front-mounted internal combustion engine?
    It's a cute truck. But would it be morally right, to do business with a nation of which is so barbarous to animals and so destructive to the environment?

  2. You could have used a Sawzall just to cut up the framing and then pull it out from under it but it is a cute little car I have to agree for $2,000 get you around

  3. It's a real shame the suspension is so rough. You just can't use that damn truck if the suspension sucks. You're never gonna drive it on a road, it'll always face rough terrain. I mean it would be something you use on a farm. The Ranger for example has fantastic suspension. You can drive over hole and not feel a thing. It's got everything but that suspension kills it. I don't know if it could be improved, seems like a very difficult thing to modify because it's electric.

  4. That stupid thing sucks so bad. Is this supposed to get attention? Like, pay attention to how fucking stupid this busted-ass truck is? I would have no choice but to smash this… Idiocy. This abomination…

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