US media + NHTSA could be helping China win the global FSD race

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46 thoughts on “US media + NHTSA could be helping China win the global FSD race”

  1. The united states government will NEVER allow China to run their driving software, or any other software in cars operating on u.s. soil. If you only knew what I had to go thru just to take possession of my ebike motor and controller, you would understand. And I am referring to something which coincidentally happened to me today! So, yeah … I am pretty sure that our two governments do not like each other. As for me, the Chinese people are ok. But our governments clearly are at odds.

  2. Under no circumstances would the US govt allow Tesla to develop FSD in China.
    It’s possible they may allow Tesla’s first generation system they developed 5-10 years ago.
    But China will develop its own system that uses smart road technology. This will make it easier and require less sophisticated in car technology

  3. I do not think confusing full self driving and autopilot is necessarily disingenuous. Autopilot literally means self driving, and we know "full self driving" is not yet "full", so it is just "self driving".


  5. Hi Sam,
    Thankyou for the recent update re Shanna. You are such a powerhouse of positivity ?

    Re autonomous cars… recent past months a 30yo mum of 3 was just popping out to the local deli before they closed. When driving past my place she passed out……maybe heart attack, & the car veered off the road, hitting an embankment, & the car rolled.
    She hadn't put the seatbelt on.
    Autonomous systems could have brought the car safely to a stop, & she might be alive today.
    This happened out the front of my place in rural Sunshine Coast Hinterland, Qld.

    I'm no spring chicken, & look forward to getting an EV with such safety features……got heart issues myself, & prior to having a pacemaker I recorded heartrate of 30bpm whilst driving.
    Early days still of FSD, & I don't look forward having to sometimes ’wrestle’ the simple autonomous steering & braking car behaviours, but I'd rather have that in case I have a brainfart etc……. very possible at my age!?

  6. This sums up a lot. Whilst China (the bad communist) supports its companies, America continually bickers and tries to pull its companies apart….!! China continues to progress whilst America continues to argue about everything, even the classification of sex types of its own people!!

  7. If there was a switch where you could choose road deaths verses autonomous driving. At what percent (if it was your option alone) would you click it? 30% reduction in road deaths? 50% (or 20,000 lives), 60%? Or would it have to be 100% not accepting a single death?

  8. Be honest, EV. Would you trust your family's lives with any version of FSD right now? I sure as hell wouldn't. The NHTSA is responsible for the safety of drivers and passengers, not the bottom lines of manufacturers. If the Chinese want to use their citizens as crash test dummies, then zhu ni hao yun.

  9. The US Government is truly, astoundingly stupid, Sam. ? They, and their national ‘BiG Auto’ industries have desperately, clung, to their outdated century old Auto technologies, and buried their collective heads in the sand while denying the reality, of China’s at least 20 years now, head start upon them, in transitioning the worlds transport fleet to Electric Tech.
    Now, NOW, they are scrambling, in panic mode, in an attempt to catch up, but, printing more of their ‘new-free-money’ and now, throwing shiploads of it at the problems they now face in attempting to achieve that catch-up, is not, going to speed up that process sufficiently, in ..the areas ..that matter, and meanwhile, we are still seeing examples like this, where the left hand of their Government agencies are shooting themselves in the right foot, while the right hand is shooting themselves in the left foot..! ? Truly unbelievable..! ??

  10. Sam, let's not call it full self driving and autopilot but by the standard: autonomous driving level 0, 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5…because autopilot and full self driving mean the same: autonomous driving level 5.

    Tesla doesn't make that clear enough to sell more vehicles. Clear error of the legislative that Tesla is able to abuse this loophole.

  11. China has 4.2 times more people than the USA therefore it has at least 4.2 more intelligent people (more since it has a proper education system…unlike the USA with its multiple choice BS) and more successful companies. And now that China operates even more internationally, the greenwashing western corporations – which bought Chinese products cheap and re-sold them to their western citizens way overpriced – are losing most of their shares in the global economy because they are too weak to compete and try to call Chiba a cheater like those losers in CS:GO, Insurgency, TF2, Splitgate, Overwatch, RS Siege, UT, SQUAD, Hell let loose,Red Orchestra, Isonzo, CoD and BF and other competitive shooters who are getting their asses kicked.

  12. China with its 1.4 billion people is more of a continent compared to 4.2 times less populated USA with its 333 million people. Also: the people of China habe been forged together for over 5,000 years. USA? Not even 250 years. USA: colonialism, slavery, wars. China: cares about itself and how to get successful economically…because culture-wise its thousands of years ahead of the USA and Western Europe. It's interesting to see how the west tries five strategies: 1. to demonize China 2. to belittle China 3. to pity the Chinese people against their government 4. to pity the Chinese against each other. 5. to pity the Chinese against other Asian countries (like Vietnam and India).

  13. Fully Autonomous vehicles are a pipe dream, at least 10 years away:
    What if car gets a flat.
    What if electronics in car fail.
    How will car respond to traffic cop hand gestures?
    Who will put luggage in trunk and remove it for elderly passenger?
    How will car respond to a cop trying to stop your car for a violation?
    How will the car pay tolls?
    If another driver's car hits a Tesla, how will insurance info be exchanged?

  14. If a driver makes a mistake and crashes their car, the driver is not going to sue themselves.If an autonomous car crashes, then the driver will sue the OEM for millions because they don’t expect the system to make mistakes.

    Everyone seems to think that the software improvements will allow cars to achieve full level 3, but what they don’t realise is that there are serious hardware limitations. My Tesla model S had FSD (supposedly) hardware, but in the owner’s manual there were 1 ½ pages of warnings about the limitations of the system and these were all hardware limitations. For example, it said don’t use the system in heavy rain, falling snow, foggy weather or where there are bright lights ( eg. when driving directly to the rising or setting sun). These are all limitations of the cameras and radar (same applies to lidar). Until these hardware limitations are overcome you don’t have level 3 FSD.

  15. Американцы, привыкнете к очевидной мысли, что вы – деградируете. Вы почти ничего не производите. В Европе практически нет американских товаров. С Китаем вам не сравниться. Вы как государство и общество – полностью выдохлись. Даже фильмы уже не можете интересные снимать. Сейчас сидите на эмиссии доллара и грустно оплёвываете Китай. За Китаем – будущее. Ну а вы – летите мордами об столы.

  16. This is a lot of Tesla propaganda. Tesla in the name of cost cutting is going all in on a visual based system which basically will crash and burn in anything other than a sunny day on a non busy suburban road regardless of how good the logic is.

    Nothing wrong with infrastructure assisted FSD for urban areas only which is what China is focused on and Tesla does not support religiously. This religious obsession will be Tesla’s downfall.

  17. Wow, Sam, another insightful and thought-provoking video! It's fascinating to see how the race for full self-driving technology is shaping up between countries and companies. It's definitely a crucial technology that has the potential to revolutionize the way we live and travel. You do an excellent job explaining the different approaches taken by the different playes, highlighting the complexities and challenges they face in making autonomous cars a reality. It's important to keep an open and balanced perspective on this, and your video does just that. Thanks for keeping us informed and updated on the latest developments in the EV and autonomous vehicle world. Keep up the great work, and I look forward to your next video! ??? #ElectricViking #FullSelfDriving #FutureTech

  18. the best self driving tech is with huawei. dont take my word for it just go do your research. it has beaten tesla system by several. many videos on youtube just look for it. even this full self driving package tesla is selling huawei already done it almost 2 years ago

  19. Hell yeah kids, get your cars that can be legally remote controlled by all governments and record you 24/7 inside and out. What a pathetic bunch of adults these people are.

  20. China has to diversify and instead of trading and working with Western Europe and the USA too much it has to trade and collaborate with other Asian, with African, Eastern European, South and Central American countries way more.

    And the illusion that the West is somehow superior has to be erased.

    It's not good that China depends even a bit on the instable USA and Western Europe. They are not trustworthy and they clearly regard all of Asia, Africa, South and Central America and Eastern Europe as their death enemies.

  21. im sure that if every car were using FSD lives would be saved. FSD isnt perfect but im sure it is better than the average human driver. people will die, BUT less people will die than are currently dying.

  22. Artificial intelligence as far as self driving cars is here and it’s been implemented by Tesla first and it is doing a great bang up job. It’s still making mistakes but very little. And Nio who is also developing software actually, it’s a stolen software ;Guess Who from,that’s right Tesla.!!! Right now Nio is having to the further develop their program without the help of tesla of course.?? By the way, China is a extremely bad bad bad actor it is turning into the country of Moa all over again if not worse because they’re going to try to implement their structure throughout the whole world and that is a fact,that is their intention PERIOD!!!?

  23. After watching many FSD test drives over the last two years, I must say the latest iteration is very close to ready. So I'd be surprised if it isn't truly ready (much better than a human driver) within two years. Every inkling of the program's failure is massively exaggerated and often just plain wrong in popular media, making it seem as tho Teslas are death traps, when in fact they are the safest cars made.

  24. Tesla FSD has been involved in zero serious accidents so far.
    Tesla’s have accidents like other cars but only 25% as often so Tesla’s are incredibly safe.

  25. Wrong. China is helping USA. Without China Tesla is dead. USA is so behind China.

    But China needs puppy Tesla from USA. So they can sell more cars more battery to the west. China is helping Tesla . win win…Elon will say anything that China tell him to say. He always keep queit about China.

  26. The US is protecting legacy auto because they can't seem to get it done. So they need to stop Tesla. Pretty ironic. It really has nothing to do with China. It's just politics as usual in the US. Don't worry about that. The US government will just ban Chinese self driving vehicles. So the US market will be dominated by US car makers. self driving or no.

  27. Autopilot will not engage on city streets. Enhanced Autopilot will not engage on city streets unless the car is in a situation that makes sense for 1) Autopark or 2) Summon & the driver requests one of these functions. Clearly, this vehicle was doing neither.

  28. I think that part of the problem is that Tesla calls one of their Level 2 ADAS systems "Full Self Drive" and the other "Autopilot." Some of the statements made were a bit exaggerated. I think there is an argument that it is misleading marketing. Maybe more of an FTC issue than an NHTSA issue.

  29. My Great-Grandchildren will be amazed when they learn that their great-grandfather drove a car all by himself, without the aid or assistantance of an AI! For them even their bicycles will have an inbuilt AI keeping an eye on things. Might sound far-fetched but my grandfather was born before the first powered flight, became a pilot in WWI with the Army Fly Corp and lived to see man land on the moon. Also from still photographs to moving images, to the 'Talkies' to television, so yes FSD will be part of their lives as will AI, possibly via implants. Our Sci-Fi future will be their reality. Regards

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