German carmaker, Volkswagen, will invest about 1 billion euros to jointly develop electric cars in China with Chinese vehicle brand JAC. Watch the new episode of #DiscoveringAnhui to see their latest innovation!


36 thoughts on “Volkswagen to deepen partnership with Chinese auto company JAC”

  1. I owned JAC T6 , I got no problem on its performance, for 4 years now , my only comment is that the clutch disc last only for 50,000km. Maybe it need some improvement, for total competitiveness with world leaders in car making.

  2. I wish China automakers spent more on marketing and design. Take a playbook from Kia and Hyundai, get some designers to give your brand a new look.
    Dont just shoot for reviews like, “stable and safe”. You need to show the world your on the level now to compete with the big boys

  3. With the continuous addition of more nuclear and wind, photovoltaic and hydropower, these vehicles will also consume renewable electricity.
    They depend less and less on carbon and oil.
    The result of years of careful central planning by the leadership of the Communist Party of China.

  4. Keep in mind one thing. Only talk about money, or praise the Chinese government, you are safe to make money in China. Never try to talk about the justice and never dare to talk against the Chinese government, otherwise you are as dead as a pig. This is a kind advice from me, who grew up in the mainland Chine.

  5. Germany always had a deep connection with China.
    Just look at Thomas afu's vlog, the German with a Chinese wife showing you where you can see lots of german products in Shanghai alone.

  6. On my last visit in October 2019 – to Fujian, I noticed about half the autos on the road had green plates, indicating that they were EV ones. During my two weeks stay there, the weather was splendid and there was no smog and the sky was clear and blue. That was quite a contrast from what we get from our media which write or broadcast of the smoggy and polluted environments.

  7. If China keeps out the 5 Eyes, these will, maybe with the exception of New Zealand, become very impoverished third world countries before too long. And US Americans will find that they can't eat weaponry!

  8. volkswagen is the most reliable car in the world and best performance, best handling, best braking, best stability at high speed. i am not a china fan buy one thing china is the best is that they buy volkswagen!

  9. Green energy cars should already be in place all over the world. Fuel cars are obsolete should be banned. America has close ties with Saudi Arabia that corrupt politicians to make wrong decisions to sell their oil and never modernize cars to green energy. I applaud China for moving forward with green energy cars.

  10. Of course, Electric. The barrier was the range and price.
    Range problem solved.
    Next, get the price down to petrol car level.
    Then we want self-driving cars.
    Life is exciting. Life is getting better.
    Go China. Give us affordable electric cars. Give us 5g mobile data. Then combine the two to make self driving cars.

  11. Westernes, chinese, indians, whoever can make money seems to be welcomed in china.
    I gues as long as you dont act like Dolce&Gabana, then youd be fine (and pay taxes….).

  12. What is the price differential for a petrol version vs an electric version car? And what is the cost differential for maintenance over a period of 5 years? What is the normal life span between the two? The info should be interesting

  13. Global warming is a serious matter, the whole world should switch right now. When the earth get hot, sea water are heated to produce cloud and rain which happen this year.

  14. You know when two large lumps of s__t float around in the Toilet together and eventually become attracted to each other. There you go, Communist Regimes in action.

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