Walkabout Chinese Auto Show (2019)

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28 thoughts on “Walkabout Chinese Auto Show (2019)”

  1. This film is only the second one I've viewed on your channel. Impressive is an understatement.

    Perhaps many of my fellow country men/women from the UK, need a wake up call. Chinese industry is open for business. I've personally viewed nothing like this on the UK media. Perhaps we should question our Government, why not!!

    As for the American Government, and their 200 or so military bases surrounding China. Do our Western Government's want to engage in commerce, or do they want war?

    If the Chinese Government surrounded the United Kingdom, and large portions of the United States the NATO alliance would certainly be placed on a collision course.

    If our businesses at home want to expand their market share, then the Western Democracies should stop their bullying, and lethal posturing. WE at home could not accept this, so why threaten people in other lands.

    I send my kind regards.?

  2. That is trippy about Buicks. I've only driven them on rare occasion as rentals, they seem mediocre here in the US but those in China look pretty damn nice.

  3. That large luxurious chinese brand is called "hong qi", it's a brand aiming for government market. Most their cars are sold to GOV, state-owned companies and military.

  4. Hi. @12:06 you walk past a light blue MG (SAIC) that i have just placed an order/deposit on and which i expect to arrive in September here in the 'UK' (small island off the coast of France where the MG name originated). It is the Battery Electric version of the MG ZS.

  5. The JV requirement for foreign car brands to partner with local manufacturers is no longer. BMW is the first to be buying out their local partner. Tesla is going it alone in China from day one. The incentive to manufacturer locally is to get around the hefty import taxes.

  6. Hey you've had your Chinese improved quite well! The price asking conversation was pretty natural haha. Thanks for regularly showing whats happening in my hometown. Feeling like home!

  7. During the communist era, Skopda was used to plough fields instead of tractors. But it refined itself over the coming years.

  8. chinese auto market is highly competitive market, as far as i can see it (i am well travelled), nowhere on this planet, i saw so many auto brands as china has. but i never drove in china since driving there is a bit way over me. of course with the time goes by, chinese driving has been steadily improving…

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