We all know running an electric car can save you LOADS of money in comparison to its gas guzzling equivalent. However, the upfront cost of buying an electric car hasn’t been the cheapest of investments. UNTIL NOW!

We’ve been doing some digging and discovered 5 more or less affordable Electric cars you just might be able to afford that are coming to the market soon. They will make entry level priced EVs a reality.. One of which we’re keen to buy ourselves! Can you guess which one?

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48 thoughts on “We found 5 NEW Electric Cars you can ACTUALLY afford!”

  1. Good grief…you are the worst video host on the internet. I've never seen anyone so in love with her own voice. Get to the freaking point!

  2. I have recently seen electric cars made in India particularly by Tata and Mahindra. These cards are really cheap. However they don't look like appealing to the Western world. Maybe it would be useful if they are given consideration,

  3. For my short range needs, I'm currently considering the Wuling Mini EV and the Microlino from Switzerland. And perhaps also the Kandi KV 27.

  4. 2022 August 26th: Just ship one car to me free of charge for me to drive around and at the same time doing advertisement for your cars. Jie Song, At 14:58, in Pensacola in Florida, U. S. A..

  5. MG – lol… why would you show the petrol/diesel version calling it an EV, have you seen that grothesq-ness in EV form? :)) Fugly AF! Hope my buddy won't see me comment… Now to be fair, the interior is impressive for the peice, really nice and let's NOT call it nippy, but it's not far from my ol' 2L diesel 1 series, so plenty of overtaking power (up to like 60mph, then quite lazy, but not terrible).

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  7. We’ll never accept EV’s. Nobody is falling for this weak Biden administration and the Chinese propaganda. Let’s go Brandon!
    Coal and gas forever ?

  8. I finally quit chasing electric unicorns and, on February 1, 2021, bought a brand new 2020 Chevrolet Bolt EV Premier, $44,130 MSRP, for less than $24,000 after discounts and a free bonus $3,000 (on top of my measly earned $111) rebate on my GM Mastercard. Laugh all you want about 13 fires out of 140,000 sold, but I'm doing an MSRP swap (+$55) on a brand new 2022 Bolt EUV Premier with Sun and Sound (panoramic roof that opens + Bose) and Super Cruise semi-autonomous driving. (That Model 2 price is probably AFTER you compute your gas savings over 5 years – Musk is not going to suddenly change his stripes. And I hope you have a second car for the 4-6 months it waits for repair parts! It's nice to have the largest network of dealers, like the 8 or 10 or 12 Houston Chevy dealers.) All of these cars are vaporware in the U.S., while the Orion Township facility will resume cranking out 2022 Bolts on April 4, 2022 (likely to provide all of the MSRP swaps) and already begin producing 2023 Bolts a month later on May 9, 2022. Unfortunately, y'all might be paying full MSRP and might be smarter to wait for the 2023 or 2024 Equinox EV on the Ultium system coming out within a year with a $30,000-ish MSRP. Real cars with real dealers in the U.S.

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