Kyle and Alyssa are visiting Oslo and had to stop into the NIO house for a quick visit! Check out the space and let us know what you think about the cafe, office space, and cars on display in the comments below.

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20 thoughts on “Welcome To NIO House Oslo! Full Tour Of How This Chinese EV Company Is Presenting Itself To Norway”

  1. How did I completely miss the bright red bZ4X in the opening clip. Would have loved to make some remark about how slow it charges or something ?

  2. I'm impressed how NIO and BYD are innovating.
    More competition is good…just wish the US weren't so protectionist so we could get them here ?

  3. Имела "счастье" общаться с членом русского Собрания JW в Осло (Норвегия). Так, эта эстонка крыла матом, как сапожник…

  4. Lmao! A fair on one side of the street and a protest on the other side. I don't think you could sum up the world as it is today any better than that.

  5. The protest was against the government to improve midwifery services. It was arranged by Bunadsgeriljaen, a revolutionary guerrilla group in traditional clothing. Just in case somebody cares one month later.

  6. Pretty cool building, hopefully NIO can find a way to become profitable. I'd watch more of your videos if they were this length, it's hard to be able to commit 30-40+ minutes to YouTube when you've got kids and are constantly busy.

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