Elon Musk calls himself a ‘free speech absolutist,’ but Mehdi says his “strange, almost fawning” approach to China exposes Musk’s blatant hypocrisy, China’s potential influence on Tesla and Twitter, and why that’s a danger to all of us.
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38 thoughts on “What Elon Musk’s China ties mean for Tesla & Twitter… and how it could endanger the rest of us”

  1. When a liberal says suppressing speech is bad, it is implicit that the liberal speaking presumes he or she has free speech completely and the people to whom they are referring who are deprived of free speech or suppressed in that speech are a minority or abused identifiable group. When a conservative speaks of free speech, they mean for themselves to say unpopular things that may be true but are aspirationally a subject of improve,ent. Conservatives have no hope of improvement, just of a more effective suppression or condemning of the minority groups message; the very basis of the conflict in the first place.

  2. Elon Musk should have gone directly from South Africa to China and skipped the US. Who would know, or care? He could have bought Weibo for 100x the actual value and become a free speech absolutist with Chinese characteristics. Of course there wouldn't have been a Tesla for him to buy but I'm sure he would have figured something out with BYD.

  3. It’s a major time of greed in the world and manipulation and lies for power and money. He’s just one of many around the world.

  4. EloN Musk have sold is soul since he joined those republicants traitors. Now he's pushing anti American and anti democratic rethorics.

  5. Musk is only the latest tycoon to have discovered he is in, way over his head. Daily risk of self-contradiction every media moment will take a toll on even the most reserved and competent.

  6. China gets the BIGGEST SHARE of the ELECTRIC vehicle market, while Musk gets richer than ever! Musk can criticize the West but no criticism of China, despite their lack of respect of human rights.

  7. MEGA Billionaires, Musk and Murdoch are practicing the same tactic. Money can put out a point of view that many will believe, even though it is a lie!

  8. The richest family in France, the Mulliez, owners of the Leroy Merlin, around 35B Euros, are all over Europe, are facilitating Russian supply collection and transport, from Russia, after saying the Russians did nothing wrong, to the Russian front, in Ukraine.
    The rich, Thrumpet anyone, love rich and powerful totalitarians. Musk, like a long list of collaborators, will have a rude awakening when the CCP will, like they've done countless times, take what is "rightfully" theirs, factories, offices, all the IP… and maybe Musk will even getting a Go to jail, do not pass go, while not giving a single fak…
    Taiwan should ban Musk from chips.
    The republicans hate the CCP as much as they quote their official propaganda as a proper source of legitimate investigative journalism (Matt Gaetz citing Global Times as: "a fusion of the interest of the Chinese Communist Party and much of the apparatus of the United States government.") Funny that the House of Rep and CCP have the same "unificating" discourse when it comes to self-importance…

  9. Gotta say, when I first saw a video of how completely smooth, automated. robotic, and high-tech Chinese designed sea ports were… in partner countries far, far away from China… my first thought was… hmmmm, this looks like something Elon Musk would have designed/built. So NOT surprised he's cozy with communist China and its elite leaders. Not surprised at all. I AM surprised that it's taken this long… actually decades… for any news organization to raise even one eyebrow at all the things he's been saying… and doing… for decades… that should have alarmed all democracies as to his absolute lack of democratic allegiances… since… the… beginning. Love his brain! But have never trusted his aloof relationship to democracy/ies. Now it's clear who he wants to be in charge of world decisions — Elon Musk, the most brilliant and richest man in the world, again. How could anyone in the world possibly have any kind of problem with that?

  10. To be honest here in the past I used to think Elon Musk was a good and great man. But as time went on I started to learn who he really is and frankly I don't trust him and anyone who does is a fool.

    Plus I challenge some of you who see this report. You should go online to YouTube and watch some videos about his cars and you'll notice that some of the videos out there seem to say that they're great cars while there's other videos which you don't see many of them that they're really bad and have a lot of problems. Furthermore, do some research and you'll find that every Tesla car that's ever been involved in the accident is generally always classified as being totaled and the ones that aren't cost a bucket load of money to repair them.

    Also here's another thing to think about when it comes to Tesla cars. When have you ever seen an independent crash test report on a Tesla car by someone who doesn't work or own a Tesla car?

    I haven't seen any and that's strange.

  11. True Colors of a Elitist/Industrialists ‼️
    Loyalty to no country ‼️
    Why should American support this Elitist/Industrialists ❓
    We should Not ‼️

  12. What a total loser. Richest guy in the world. Supposedly smart. Falls for same conspiracies as any grandpa who just started watching YouTube videos with scary music

  13. How many American businesses refuse to do business with China? I would welcome further technology sanctions against China over the Uigur's plight, but we do not seem to be seeing voluntary sanctions by businesses. Musk criticized his own government more than any other – surely that is normal. (sure his criticism of Fauci is insane, but that is not hypocrisy) Surely much of this is just whataboutism? Is talking futurism with Chinese entities an endorsement of Chinese policy?

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