What Expert Sandy Munro JUST REVEALED About China SHOCKED The Entire Electric Car Industry

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Sandy Munro is never shy about making controversial claims, and a large part of what makes him such a remarkable speaker is the directness of his delivery. Recently, the EV news website E for Electric invited Sandy into the program to talk about electric vehicle (EV) manufacturers in China. As is typical of Sandy, he did not disappoint.

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Munro doesn’t waste any time getting right into a rant against the legacy OEMs and their unwillingness to handle the electrification tidal wave that is coming to wipe them away. He stated that it wasn’t until very recently that automakers in the United States understood that they needed to take electric vehicles (EVs) seriously.

And now those manufacturers are working very hard to catch up. There’s a chance it’s too late. Sandy Munro was quoted as saying, “I think the Chinese are going to come in, and they are going to kick some real ass. It’s all going to be because the executives at the large auto companies sat on their hands believing that the future is simply a pale echo of the past.”

Sandy brings up the fact that Japanese automakers produced low-quality vehicles in the 1970s. However, by the 1980s, they had nearly monopolized the market for compact automobiles. Then, as the 1990s rolled around, they began introducing premium brands like Lexus, Infinity, and Acura.

They were “sweeping the floor” with existing luxury brands such as Cadillac, Lincoln, and Mercedes-Benz.

He stated, “You can’t possibly win when you have folks at the top of the house expecting that somehow the Chinese are going to give us some Chinese Junk… You can’t possibly win. That is in no way going to be how things turn out.”

Sandy is confident that we will witness the same “invasion” of Chinese electric vehicles that we have seen with other types of electric cars as they grow across Europe and North America. In addition, he discusses the prospect of imposing tariffs and the likelihood of engaging in protectionism to stem the flow of electric vehicles manufactured in China.

Taking the role of the adversary, Guberman posed the question to Munro, “If Chinese automobiles are so fantastic, why haven’t they already taken over the auto industry in Europe and the United States?” Sandy retorts by stating that they won’t attempt to go head-to-head with internal combustion engine (ICE) automobiles manufactured by established manufacturers. They are aware that they won’t be able to win.

Instead, they will focus their attention on the electric car market. It is one of the only areas in which traditional automakers have not yet shown considerable interest in the electrification of their products.

Sandy is an intelligent person. He is also very wealthy, and as a result, he purchased a crossover that was manufactured in China and evaluated it. Earlier this year, he purchased a Chinese-made electric car for his own use. Naturally, he evaluated it and shared his thoughts on the vehicle’s build quality, design choices, and the valuable features of the Skywell.

It is manufactured by Imperium and distributed in the United States by a firm by the same name. Similar models are sold by Skywell in other countries owned by the same firm. After seeing the vehicle in question at the Los Angeles Auto Show, Munro decided to purchase it without first putting it through its paces behind the wheel. As Sandy Munro commented, this vehicle is “the type of car I can purchase on the spot.”

It is first imported to the US, where it is processed via customs, and then it is given to the person who owns the business. Distribution in the United States is done through Canada.

It is not significantly more complicated than going to the nearest dealer, but there is a slight increase in complexity. Not only is the firm interested in expanding through direct sales, but it is also searching for dealers in the United States.

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28 thoughts on “What Expert Sandy Munro JUST REVEALED About China SHOCKED The Entire Electric Car Industry”

  1. 25% tariffs and rightfully so… China flat out steals IP and reverse engineers and rips off US engineering. If you buy Chinese, you are a trader of the US IMHO. I’ll buy US.

  2. Sandy doesn't have a clue. He's never actually sold cars and has no idea how wrong that he is.The Chinese will NEVER sell many cars here in the USA. China ain't Japan……

  3. Why did Sandy not invest in Tesla and how many Court cases is Tesla/Musk are facing over factories and complaints from ex employees!. Next tests of "computer driving competence his a brickwall" self small problem of child in road (dummy not child) auto driving ran summit over no attempt to break).

  4. Tesla is getting far and far more out of reach to most. (They are worth every penny, but too expensive)
    On the other hand, BYD seems attractive. But they are not yet available.

  5. Don’t forget Korean cars did the same thing after Japanese, the only thing blocking Chinese is WH not Tesla which is now made in China, also BMW i4, VW ID4….

  6. And Lexus today doesn't sell as well as Mercedes and BMW, at least the non-SUV segment. Yes, Japanese made a big splash. Then Koreans. And perhaps the Chinese, if allowed in some markets like the USA market, will make a big splash. For awhile. But then, other automakers are competitive and will answer while the governments in those markets may make move against the imports.

    It's not that Chinese cars aren't good. But I think history has shown that brands can make a mark in the auto industry but then slowly, the prices go up, the competition raises their game to match. It's all good for the consumer.

  7. Stop telling about expert x and expert y.
    The main electric car in europe, don't come from China or Japan but from South Korea.
    Although, in China himself, the people still want to drive in European cars when thy can afford them.
    Chinees cars on the other site, you find them hardly in european City's. In rural aereas you will not find them at all.
    Besides all of this, you forget totally the politics down here and in the states.
    If there come to much chinees cars, there will raise the taxes.
    You can bet on it.

  8. The economic power of China has been grown significantly in the past twenty years. Accept the fact or not no longer is a choice, it is the reality. Their emphasis on the education on their future generations has been embedded in
    the thousands of years in their history, they need graduate education to nurture the inventive abilities in high technology and strong and quality high school and college education to support the intelligence of the production technic labors. These past twenty years most western countries are living in the superpower and royal colonial dreams, fighting wars after wars which has no value to improve the life quality back to our own countries. Wars have drained our funding to rebuild our country and renew our competitiveness in renewing transportation and technologies. China has moved so much ahead of us in their high way, railways and even their aero space industry. We need wake up and catch up while we still have time. Let’s go, we can no longer wait anymore.

  9. China "come into the market" ?

    Tesla Shanghi is completed and has begun to dominate the Asian Market.

    — The u.s. is supposed to have a large production plant, already built.
    — This project, is little better than a dream.

    Huge demand for EV's in the u.s. !
    As u.s. has no sites,
    the u.s MUST import them.

    The best production site in the world,
    will gladly continue production levels for export to the u.s.

    IF you wish to blame anybody,
    use the proper groups.
    — u.s. government,
    — Texas government;
    — Excessive political lobbying !

  10. I would buy the BYD Han if I had the chance. Service and charging would tend to make me go with a Tesla. I think some of the Chinese brands are more sporty looking than Tesla brands. The S is close but very $.

  11. I have a deposit down on a BYD Atto 3 (known as Yuan Plus in China) and will drive it next weekend! I live in New Zealand; BYD are just launching here and Australia

  12. Tesla drops to 2nd spot, BYD now in 1st spot. I'm sure Warren Buffet saw that coming and bought 7.2% of BYD shares for around 220 million now worth around 7 billion.

  13. Thank You Tech Revolution with another video with broad info on the competition out there for EV's Should I be able to purchase an EV I would go with the best American EV made here to support American Jobs. This video is great information!!

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