The global electric vehicle market is heating up and China wants to dominate. The country has invested at least $60 billion to support the EV industry, and it’s pushing an ambitious plan to transition to all electric or hybrid cars by 2035.

Tesla entered the Chinese market in 2019 and has seen rapid growth. In the U.S., Tesla dominates the conversation around electric vehicles, but in Europe, it’s a different story. Germany-based Volkswagen Group has risen from the ashes of its 2015 emissions scandal to become the EV market leader in Europe, where it has an edge thanks to local manufacturing, brand familiarity, and cheaper price points. But whether Volkswagen can broaden its appeal to become the global EV leader remains to be seen.

Meanwhile, electric vehicle infrastructure in the U.S. grows at a rapid pace. San Francisco-based Ample has brought electric vehicle battery swapping to America. The company was in stealth mode for seven years before launching recently with five swapping stations in the Bay Area. The concept isn’t new.

A start-up called Better Place launched an EV and battery swapping company after it raised $850 million in venture funding, but it ultimately went bankrupt in 2013. Tesla also demoed battery swapping in 2013 but only opened one station for about a year. Elon Musk said Tesla owners were not interested in it. Battery swapping is already common in China. Electric vehicle maker Nio, for example, plans to double its network of swapping stations to 500 this year and plans to open stations in Norway as part of its expansion into Europe.

00:00 Why China Is Beating The U.S. In Electric Vehicles
17:46 Why Volkswagen Is Beating Tesla In Europe
31:44 Can EV Battery Swapping Take Off In The U.S.?

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Who Is Winning The Global EV Race?


30 thoughts on “Who Is Winning The Global EV Race?”

  1. You make a car that costs out the door about 8-10k but I have to swap a battery instead of owning it I'm there. Problem is they will insist you pay the extra 20k for the battery.

  2. Hydrogen fuel combustion engines was invented befor the use of Hydrogen Carbon fuel…it was the invention of Hydrogen combustion 1897 that created the gasoline or Hydrocarbon combustion…All cars run on hydrogen…gasoline is simply dirty hydrogen…in 1967 I watched a Briggs and Stratton lawn mower run on pure Hydrogen…the sun burns pure hydrogen the earth is powered by pure hydrogen the earth is warmed by the sun burning pure hydrogen plants and all life exist because the sun burns pure hydrogen….STOP THE LIES STOP THE CONFUSION…The universe is all hydrogen gas…all sun stars burn hydrogen gas…Stop burning dirty stinky toxic Hydrocarbon Gasoline…Burn Pure Hydrogen…Stop creating lies about Hydrogen…

  3. Germany is panicking to import gas and has opened 23 coal powered generating stations to pump electricity into EV and wind farms. Sort of defeats the purpose. Germany has 61,000 megawatts of wind plus solar already installed. Putin is laughing at them.

  4. In China market, BYD Dec deliver 110K EV while TSLA in China only deliver 51K EV. That is why TSLA drop 10-15% sale price on Model3/Y in China today.

    That is why Buffet owns BYDDY stock but not TSLA stock.

  5. HA HA!! I THINK ELON MUSK IS BEING FORCED OUT BY THE SHARE HOLDERS. I SAY GOOD RIDDENS Elon Musk is KILLING the Tesla stock and the Twitter stock single-handedly. Why would I consider buying ANYTHING "Elon Musk touches? I wouldn't! Doing so, I'd be giving him my money to power his evil self-loving demoniacal ego. I and YOU have the power to put Elon in check, yes, he filthy rich, but we can keep him from ever being the RICHEST MAN IN THE WORLD, ever again, by NOT buying his stuff. Elon Musk spits in the faces of Democrats, who buy 70% of his product, go figure! Close your Twitter accounts, and don't buy a Tesla. There are certainly better electric cars on the market already….. Now we just need a Twitter platform replacement.

  6. I honestly don't see Ample being a 'consumer market' solution, it fundamentally doesn't make sense. There will like be several models of batteries, especially as the quality of batteries increase. Not to mention they would need to pretty much completely dominate the battery market. Makes zero sense. How could it make sense?
    Easy… Instead of a 'You must use our proprietary battery', they become a swap solution for end of life batteries, kinda like getting a "oil change", but its more of a "battery change", in which customers can buy a new battery to replace their aging overused battery. Altho, the idea of modular batteries is mandatory, they need to promote that more.

  7. Bet these people hate having to extoll Tesla even though Elon was a God to them until he wouldn't follow just like with Trump when he was a Democrat lmao

  8. Wow, this video didn’t age well, nine months later, Tesla ‘s kicking their ass in Europe VW is crying like a little baby and the start ups are struggling to survive. Tesla is clearly dominating and will continue to do so with their innovation

  9. Obvious winner – Elon laughing to the bank even after recent wealth declined. China EV majority running on electricity from coals producing. Losers – everyone.

  10. Tesla needs to improve their service. I have had many frustrating service issues with them since purchasing a Model Y in 2021. In my opinion, Toyota is a much more reliable brand, but has unfortunately been slow to enter the EV market other than with plug ins.

  11. Thanks for the info.
    China has over a BILLION more people then the U.S. so just by population they would beat the U.S. They need the electric vehicles more than the US. The US vehicle emissions are one of the most strict of the developed nations so the rush to go fully electric isn’t there.

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