When it comes to green manufacturing, China is now a clean-energy powerhouse. Its market dominance from solar panels to electric vehicles took long-term planning and a level of financial investment only state-controlled banking systems can deliver. By 2030, China will have an outsized influence on this strategic industry, and it’s poised to seize a fair share of the jobs and wealth creation that come with it.

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48 thoughts on “Why China’s Electric Car Lead Has Been a Long Time Coming”

  1. Frank Fukuyama, the political scientist, call the Chinese system "responsive authoritarianism". The largest public opinion Survey Company in China is used, not just by the central government, but also by the city government, provincial government, down to the most local politicians of neighbourhood districts, conducting surveys all the time to determine the needs of the people so that work can be carried out to fulfil their needs. This is the mechanism use to be responsive to the demands and thinking of the people. The Western way of elections, after elections, after elections is not the Chinese way. It’s not by accident that China is able to lift 800 million Chinese out of poverty in one generation.

  2. In China, the competition for electric vehicles has reached a fever pitch. I am very happy to see the great achievements of BYD. The dmi hybrid technology they invented and the electric off-road vehicle that rivals the Land Rover Defender are impressive.

  3. Chinese economy is a Pyramid scheme based on over production…..stimulated by Government. Their technology is rubbish and their currency is worthless.
    Collapsing soon. Only vested intetests are spruiking China at this point.
    Collapsing soon…..


  5. US seek to divide minority against the Han majority to create color revolution to overthrow Chinese government. Hence the America distort facts and lies to agitate protest to benefit US corporation like what they did in Libya., stealing the resources.

  6. At 11:03, sure the innovation may be from the US and a Tesla may be the benchmark for other manufacturers to reach. And even the least expensive Tesla is beyond the budget of most Americans. Tax payers through local and federal government subsidized (over $2.5 billion) Tesla but there's no incentive to build low-cost Teslas for the average citizen.

  7. I hope that China and the United States can better supervise each other, and any unilateral strongman will lead the world to hegemonism

  8. China's primary interest in EVs is rooted in its local market where it delivers ENERGETIC INDEPENDENCE!!! With an electric mix that is approximately 60% Coal, 18% Hydro, 5% Nuclear, 3% Gas, 6% Wind and 3% Solar PV, i.e. all primary sources for which China is mostly self-sufficient, it needn't import oil for its fleet of cars and small commercial vehicles.
    The fact that the local market is a fantastic "incubator" for the export market and that the novelty of EVs levels the playing field for would be manufacturers are just extra benefits. It is also noteworthy to see the emphasis on smaller cars which will also position China at an advantage in emerging markets.

    Also, the mention of China as a leader in the production of solar PV panels and the panning sequence over a vast solar array should not be seen as an indication that China's electric mix is low carbon nor that it could become so promptly. With more than half of it coal plants under 15 years old and with its national coal reserves, there are no reasons why coal would not remain a fixture of China's electric production for the decades to come.

  9. This is whats keeping US presidents and politicians awake at night, their China nightmares. How do you compete with a dedicated and disciplined class of people who have over 3000 years of progressive history. As China develops and strive to bring other countries up to par, the US is still engaged in bloody warfare around the globe. Now we know the true meaning of self-destruction. Don't hate on China , admire their resilience.

  10. I would say that we are slowly stepping our selves in Pre-Green & Smart Revolution on which the world is slowly shifting in green , sustainable , smart ,and eco-friendly techniques, technology, and behaviour of our environment conservation. Leading major and top players of the world like China in EV , Europe focusing in renewable energy, US is give a biggest budget or fund in policies which it helps of conservation of environment and transformation to be green and smart cities.

  11. Fascists Scholz and Erdogan and Duda say that they do not recognize Crimea as Russian. We Russians don't care about your confession. Let Erdogan get out of Northern Cyprus and Syria first. Let the Anglo-Zionist fascists get out of all the countries where their military bases are. WE Russians WILL NEVER RECOGNIZE THE ANNEXATION OF EAST GERMANY TO THE WESTERN NAZIS, WE WILL NEVER RECOGNIZE ALASKA AS AMERICAN, WE WILL NEVER RECOGNIZE KOSOVO.

  12. China creates its own technology. Saying that Chinese people rely on us technology is a blatant lie considering how much the Chinese invest in r&d and how the us blocks China from having access to us tech. It’s this kind of bs and arrogance that has lead to the decline of your country, the lack of innovation. Tesla doesn’t represent the entire us car manufacturing industry. And no not all Chinese EV makers are trying to emulate Tesla. Tesla is the pioneer in the industry so anything Chinese people make you will want to compare it to what you already know. Tesla is only accessible to an upper middle class market and Chinese brands are catering to people who aren’t interested in the luxury but just want a decent car. There are brands like Nio that are high end but are nothing like Tesla besides being an EV brand, they are more than that, they are a lifestyle brand. Keep up the hate it’s what makes China stronger. Only idiots waste their time sulking instead of working. Too bad for you chinese engineers and scientists are not helping build your tech anymore as they have in the past helped the us develop much of their tech and top research. They are now staying in China helping build up our country instead ??✨??

  13. The US has by far the worst track record on human rights domestically with the treatment of blacks, Latinos and lack of basic safety regulations, data protection, lack of universal healthcare, poverty and gun violence to name a few. Not to mention the atrocious war crimes it has perpetrated against Muslim countries in the Middle East and Africa. So one thing is for sure the US hates Chinese people and they hate Muslims. However they LOVE Chinese Muslims because they can be used as geopolitical weapons against China. They knew how spreading lies would destroy not just the Han Chinese but also the Uyghur population who depend on cotton production. Don’t believe the lies.

  14. China has a horrendous govt that doesn’t care about human rights/freedoms. And they steal IP freely. But you have to acknowledge the long term strategic planning of their govt is working well. They don’t have the political polarization and special interests of the West that slow down everything and lead to too much inefficiency.

  15. I am Indian who lived in China for 3 years 2015-18, I really liked the people, their system and everything. But ofcourse there is some propaganda and minor restrictions but nothing that affects everyday life. When I see news these days they criticize China so much I can't believe it. Trust me if you visit China yourself you will know that it is a wonderful country with amazing people. For its worth what you are are seeing in western news is not actually real or blown out of proportion.

  16. It is funny when the US (the one who put atomic bomb on civilians, invaded many countries, did horrible war crimes in Vietnam, Afghanistan, Iraq, etc.) pays some people to shout Uyghurs and support Al-Qaida inside China when they can't compete. ?


  18. Well, you forgot when the U.S. can't compete, they would just come out some B.S. and ban the competitor. First they started with Huawei, and there will be more to come. I would say DJI from China will be the next since it pretty much dominates the consumer drone business. Soon they will probably tell you the electric car battery makers spy on you and ban them too!

  19. Do your research China is the world's biggest polluter. in everything they do. Their products are cheap rubbish that people but because they are cheap and not of any quality. They use prisoners to manufacture goods and their rare earth products are extracted without concern about the environment of this planet Earth. Their technology is stolen from the rest of the intellectual world. They spread disease and death, and dump rocket parts on the planet like taking a dump in the middle of your lounge room floor. They expect YOU to smile about this and accept it. Do you?

  20. except why cant Chinese citizens not go to the bank and take out their savings
    Oh I forgot China is a dictatorship and the man elected for live makes the rules to his liking

  21. Bloomberg carefully chose to mention mini EV only but not the other major Chinese EV brands to avoid introduce/promote them in the western world. lol

  22. it is strategically important for China to embrace on EV, so in the potential event of an 'oil cut', China's will have a better tolerant with the help of its Nuclear/clear/coal energy together with the help of EV

  23. Usa human right record in irak is great.
    Each time we speak about usa we should speak about their human right record in irak and how they cause the death of hundreds thausands people there.

  24. It's merican's innovation! let it have it! ha…………………………………………………………..

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