With its electric cars set to power ahead into the European market does the future of e-mobility belong to China? With brands like Nio and BYD, China already have shown they are a power in the EV market, So what can legacy brands like VW and rival Tesla do to compete?

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Camera: Marek Schönwetter Neumann
Edit: Manu Reuss
Report: Gerhard Sonnleitner

REV – The Global Auto and Mobility Show from Deutsche Welle

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50 thoughts on “Why Germany Should Worry About China’s EV Expansion ??”

  1. don't worry.
    all they have are stolen.
    all the workers are slaves.
    all the governments are evils
    all the news in China is fake.

    there are 155 million Chinese people traveling abroad in 2019.
    The total figure is more than the population of Germany plus British.
    none of them returned home.
    They all illegally stayed in US or Eourp.
    they're hopeless.
    no worries at all.

  2. Hey Europe, if you want Chinese spy cars to take over, do yourselves a favor and overprice your cars. Costumers will become vunerable to Chinese … Commies more than ever

  3. Used to be a joke of the world, made-in-China products, including EVs, have evolved and fast-forwarded to the present leading positions. German cars, on the other hand, remain strong in ICE vehicles, but are losing out to Chinese EVs. How things have changed so fast!

  4. The BYD Atto 3 is the 2nd best-selling vehicle in Australia with Tesla's vehicles take top spot here.
    In 2023, the BYD Atto 3 will be joined in early 2023 by the BYD Dolphin, followed by a 3rd quarter release of the BYD Seal sedan.

    Early in 2023, in Australia, we will see the MG4 go on sale and the Ora cat as well. The Cupra Born will arrive in April, but there is no sign of any VW electric vehicles arriving in the first half of 2023, probably due to global supply issues.

  5. European thinking is backward. These so-called experts think that they are left behind only in EV supply chain. The ecological chain based on intelligent internet technology is the future of electric vehicles. For example, there will be basically no traffic jams in the future. A single vehicle and communication with the big data of the traffic control department will automatically arrange the optimal route to avoid traffic jams. Of course, given that Europe, under the leadership of the USA, has given up Huawei's 5G, there is no hope for Europe in this field…

  6. It's interesting to see DW using negative narratives to describe China once again.
    when it comes to China, the negative word "invasion" must be used instead of the neutral word "expansion" “booming”
    Don't you forget Germany is the largest exporter in Automobile industry for many years?
    According to your logic, Germany has been the largest invader for many years, hasn't it?

  7. China always wants to build and construct things. But Americans are on a destructive pathway and taking Europe with the. Chinese quality is much better than others.

  8. What's wrong with DW and all those people in the vidio when they were doing the same thing no one protested what a double talk

  9. Nice report. I think is a matter of marketing and companies but governments they need to think further and ahead, that's the key to gain a portion of goal market…! Thanks DW for bringing it to here.

  10. Wow DW, invasion? When German car first goes into China 20 years ago. China does not have an automobile industry and you don’t hear Chinese called the German car maker invader ??? DW as a American mouthpiece is really trying hard here ???

  11. 10:54 The Chinese e-car "offensive" shouldn't be a cause for alarm just as VW's former expansion across the world wasn't considered a "cause for alarm"!

  12. Germans admit that China is in the leading position in electric vehicles, and China has made great progress in the automobile industry.

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