What has the Li One got that Nio and Xpeng haven’t got? We look at the top performing model from a Chinese EV startup and try to work out why it sells so well. Or is it all just a Leading Ideal?

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26 thoughts on “Why The Li One Is Outselling Other Chinese EV Startups”

  1. I AM not a fan of digital instrument cluster i like the old analog ones and buttons and normal controls where you can just go and change it in a second or 2 not that BS digital controls but the car looks really good

  2. We need Chinese startups to somehow own Maserati and bring Alfieri concept to life, turning the tables upside down for everyone else in China and around the world

  3. Пока они не знают, как перерабатывать аккумуляторы, электромобили будут намного больше загрязнять окружающую среду и наносить больше вреда планете, чем автомобили с бензиновыми и дизельными двигателями.

  4. Omg these Chinese cars are impressive in Designing the Exteriors
    I just don't like the Huge display …because so much things are happening its distracting and most aren't going to use that much

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