You’ve probably never heard of the Wuling Hongguang Plus, but that hasn’t kept it from being the best selling car model in China, the world’s largest automotive market. Hopefully, by the end of this video you’ll understand why this simple box on wheels outsells competitors from huge multi-national corporations, and you might even learn how to pronounce “Hongguang”!

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47 thoughts on “Why The Wuling Hongguang Is The Best Selling Car Model In China”

  1. 2022 July 20th At 17:15: 打開英文字典呀!小的英文字典有好幾千英文字到幾萬英文字;大的英文字典很容易就有10多萬英文詞。應該可以找到好聽的、意義積極的英文詞。Jie Song, in U. S. A..

  2. 2022 July 20th At 11:34: 要想在中華大陸以外的地方賣五菱車,就要放棄拼音,採用英文品牌(Make or Brand)名和Model名。Jie Song, in U. S. A.. Post Script: 當然如果送給我一輛五菱車,我可以接受成品上的一切拼音文字。??? ???

  3. In addition, don't annoy the driver of Wuling Hongguang on the road. You never know how many people will come down after you force it to stop, maybe 10 ,maybe 50

  4. It is a nice, decemt car. For 10k, I would definitely miss at least 2 more airbags, and some safety electronics, because here, in europe, you can buy a Dacia Sandero hatchbag for arround 8k´ and yes, it has 4 airbags, and ESP as a standard, but I wouldn’t have big problem to drive this car. J

  5. I live info Indonesia, Wuling is getting more popular for the last few years . I my self bought Wuling Confero which has more features than other competitor cars with the same price range.

  6. Coz Wuling is an extremely reliable car. It is just like AK-47 in the world of guns. You can put as many people as you want inside this car but this car will never get any big problem.

  7. I wish our US government would allow us to buy these if we chose to. I totally would for the reasonable price. I know a lot of other familys as well that could really use affordable transportation in the USA.

  8. It’s a practical mini van or a cargo van (with back seats removed) for delivery in cities or contractors where you need lots of space but not a lot of speed with good mpg.

  9. Sitting here watching youtube in a 60's era Chrysler listening to people complaining about not having airbags and esp. Lol, I don't even have seatbelts.

  10. When you said it "outsold the GM", I do wanna point out that the full name of Wuling is SAIC GM Wuling. If I'm not mistaken, GM holds bigger share in the joint venture than Wuling, which means GM takes more profit than Wuling for every single Hongguang they sold. And Wuling's whole 1.5 engine line up were derived from GM L2B series.

  11. Looks like the Fighting uses the front section of this van.
    Dude you're worried about driving a vehicle without ABS or stabilty control, time to go to a performance driving school.

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