What you need to know about Lynk and Co.
When Chinese cars will succeed overseas, I bet that one will be part of it.


33 thoughts on “Why this Chinese Car Brand Is Going to Be Big part 1 : Lynk & co 01 review”

  1. I see a little bit of Nissan juke,kia sportage, dodge hellcat, a lil bit of citroen,camaro,Urus, porche. Nice looking car hope it is better than the baic X25 and the D20 we sell in my country.

  2. Lynk & Co is finally ready to launch their first car in the European market.
    The 01.

    First deliveries should start in April.
    Can't wait to test drive one.

    I hope you will continue your video series.
    It will help a lot of people.
    Great video!

  3. On dirait un making off fait par un stagiaire mdrrr!!! Trop mignon !! Surtout quand il monte sur le dos d'âne mdrr!! C'est un bon début ca donne envie de l'acheter quand même

  4. A lot of wrong information about the car.

    1- there are different ranges of the car.
    2- the cross mode is for hills and mountains driving.
    3- consumption average is 6 l/100 outside of the city 9 l/100km in the city if you drive with the sport mode.
    4- the warranty goes only for the unconsumed parts, it doesn't cover the tyres, joints…
    5- you missed a lot of options comes with the full options car.

    as an owner of the car 01, the performance is amazing, the inside is great compared to some foreign brands. but one of the annoying issues is the entertainment system.

  5. I wil wait till it's just Lynk with no co who wanna buy a banana shop , no one is interested by logo . Everyone have different tastes you morons

  6. As a Chinese car lover, I could regard lynk co as the hope for Chinese car being competitive in the world. It has style and identity, also some latest technologies to make it a good product. Now I am driving a Chevy, maybe I will get a lynk co in a couple of years. Lynk co! Keep clam and carry on!

  7. how much are all the lynk n co cars? and is it for china market only? actually, the first time i hear about Lynk n Co i thought it's going to be electric cars LOL

  8. Recently, Lynk & Co.'s modified 4-cylinder 2.0T 03 TCR Model won Cyan Racing the FIA WTCR season opener in Marrakech, Morocco, a notable First for a Chinese manufacturer.
    Major props to Thed Björk and the Cyan Racing team. Can't wait to see more established Chinese manufacturers entering the Motorsports scene.

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