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The Chang Li ZYX is an electric vehicle that you can buy online today that costs less than a pair of Jordan 1 breds . Between engineering, development, manufacturing, shipping and a ton of other factors, how can a company make a profit on a sub $1000 car? Today we are gonna dive into the world of cheap cars, and see where companies cut costs in order to make more franklins.

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43 thoughts on “Why this Chinese Car Costs $900”

  1. Hmmmm an small Electric car you can repair yourself instead of being captive of the World's BILLIONAIRES for basic transportation!!!!!

  2. Hmmmm not a bad idea just using old school lead acid Batterys you could even go to the local Picknpull and get a Battery instead of a 10 000$ Tesla' dealer Battery!

  3. I wish I could buy this car the Taxes in Turkiye is too much I would really like to upgrade it slowly because It's such a simple car. I'd slowly change the coils brakes to better ones Monhtly one by one Like If you want to buy a super modern car that is 2022 model The car is 200k And taxes are 600k

  4. These things need to take off. The modding community would probably have a field day with these things. I'm picturing one with motor swaps, liberty walk kits, pulling trailers with Honda ruckus clones (Chuckus). I'm ready. The world is ready.

  5. OK This is flipping killing me man. Where do I know you from (guy in video)? I know I have met you before. Did you ever act or do anything behind the scenes in regards to movies? I have worked in production for quite a few films and have acted in a few as well. I know you though. Who knows, it might have been at a party, but I used to live in Torrance CA and I know that I know you from somewhere.

  6. I found some brand new Jordan 1 Bred models for only a few Benjamins. (And I bet the Yeezys have taken a hit lately.)

    I suppose a lot of repairs on this car could be done by a place that fixes electric lawn mowers.

    I suppose it's still awfully cheap if you replace it every 2-3 years and donate the old one. What about insurance?

  7. ive noticed on other cheap china electric cars, think the same brand. but they used a Chrysler steering wheel and a jeep on/off button. i think there also going thru the left over bin to save costs

  8. I work with UPS backup systems and have always loads of silver calcium deep cycle 12v batteries from routine maintenance operations and this car makes me think a lot . I could fit free batteries that I tend to scrap as there are too many send some vendors around town…

  9. I read that in China, these cars are indeed used by the elderly to commute and pickup their grandkids. They apparently aren't legal to drive on the road, but the old people do it anyway and the cops are scared to disrespect any of them by writing a ticket.

  10. As far as the safety factor goes, they're no more dangerous than a motorcycle. if you get hit by a car on a motorcycles, you're kinda hurtin' anyway.
    If you've been to Florida, there's golf carts driving EVERYWHERE.
    Fuck it, why not.

  11. Ya all need better lower front lighting for that green screen. Trust me, I'm a random asshole in the YouTube comments section, I'm kind of a big deal.

  12. It seems like this video is just "shit on this thing as much as we can." I don't get it? These are super fun (and cheap) little runabouts. NO ONE is expecting this to be like a Tesla or Lucid… PLUS the batteries are OPTIONAL or you can put in whatever you want, and that is why these are so cool. They are easily modifiable! You would think Donut would LOVE this thing as they can turn the little toaster into something crazy.

    I dunno, I just get strange vibes from this video, almost as if they were steered or influenced by someone to talk shit about it.

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