XPeng’s eVTOL flying car X2 made its first public flight on Monday in Dubai, marking a new era of modern and intelligent transportation.

With zero carbon dioxide emissions, the futuristic two-seater is the latest generation of flying cars for the Chinese electric vehicle manufacturer and is equipped with an intelligent flight control system and autonomous flight capabilities.

The historic 90-minute test flight was described by its manufacturer as an “important base for the next generation of flying cars.”

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29 thoughts on “XPeng's flying car makes 1st public flight in Dubai”

  1. China leads the world in drone technology. This thing is basically a drone that you pilot from the inside. I can easily see this becoming the first relatively affordable flying car in the very near future.

  2. Looks cool
    Just makes me nervous knowing Tom in accounting is flying this mini space ship throughout down town Chicago
    Just a matter of time until someone takes out a building by accident or crashes onto the street below

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