Chinese electric car start-ups plan to become a global automaker, and the only way to do it is to start making electric cars that can compete with Tesla and other popular electric cars similar to Volkswagen ID lineup. In this video we will show you all Chinese electric cars that can revolutionize how we see made-in-China cars, especially electric cars from now on.



30 thoughts on “All Top Chinese Electric Cars Coming to Change The World”

  1. Chinese automobiles will soon rule the globe. Chinese motor companies will undoubtedly lead the way in developing new electric motors. Design and affordability are unbeatable. Their market is so large that their prices are quite competitive on a global scale. The most crucial component, however, is resolving the power cell changing in a minute, anyplace. Good review guys!!!

  2. Chinese cars may be banned in the US because of human rights violations such as prison camps for Ughurs and the mass murder of Falun Gong members to steal their body parts.

  3. The problem is quality control – or lack of. There are many video on how a China made EV failed apart within a year. The usual depreciation rate is 80% first year. Steer away.

  4. The US will kneecap these Chinese companies, they don't want fair competition for their domestic brands. They already have laws in place to discriminate against BYD even tho BYD builds EV buses with union Labor in the US. They know that their domestics will go out of business and can't match the quality and price of Chinese EVs. The biggest losers will be the consumers stuck with expensive only options.

  5. The new electric motors will be lead by Chinese motor brands definitely. Unbeatable design and price tag. Their market is so big that make their price very competitive in the world market. However, the most important aspect is solving the power cell changing in a minute anywhere.

  6. THESE EV are extremely important for chinese high tech sector, WHY? because after zhongxing and huawei incident in 2018 and 2019, the united states cut off and stop all high tech semi chips export to china., The consequence to china —- huawei cell phone incorp no longer able to manufacture any true 5G cellphone. hence, it is a huge relieve for Samsung and Apple. due to no more competition and no threat from huawei, both of samsung and apple feel relax and sleep well without any overheads. HAHA, these two greedy guys keep their price high and continue rip off consumers.
    OK, what about EV have anything to do with chinese semi chip high tech???? yes, absolutely, because the circumstance in china currently is intense and imminent, they have to develop and figure out how to build their own high tech semi chips.
    china has been beleaguered by japan, south korea and the united states. these 3 guys shut off all of the deals no more high tech trade with china since 2018. it is neck choking pressure for the chinese government, chinese high tech firms to break through to prevail. it must be now or never. there is always an enormous high tech market in china, EV has tons of high tech involved, let's not talk about the battery pack, what about those semi chips that are used for the info–teinment display, the big 12 inch, 15 inch monitor, the sensors equip at rear bumper, front bumper, blue tooth system and more, all those require semiconductor chips to operate, moreover, don't forget, the working environment for those chips is harsh because those chips must be able to function properly in toasty hot summer and freezing cold winter, in sweaty humid region and drought withered terrain. sounds more challenge than nuclear and rocket science???? yes, you can say that.
    I don't know how well they are doing now and how fortitude quality their products are. but I had seen , I had eye witnessed there are thousands thousands EV running in all cities regardless big or small in china. millions of chips are needed for EV business every years, which provide a perfect storm chance for those chinese chips incorp, firms to catch up, to practice to learn to build from surreal experiment.
    Since china lost the huawei 5G high tech battle to the united states in 2018, yes, it cripples a lots to china, however, the modern trend of EV definitely provides an excellent alternative for china to build and improve their chips to catch up with the united states.

  7. I am in China, I see so many Chinese EVs everyday, Nio, Xpeng, etc, also a lot of Tesla, like every half a minute

  8. I don’t trust everything Chinese made. Want to sleep middle of the road buy this car. Chinese made car will change the world? No way, how many company make EV cars? And how many people want to buy this car?

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