Today We Will Show You 5 Chinese Electric Cars to Look Out for In 2022.

China’s electric vehicles market is growing very fast. The country’s car companies are ambitiously trying to challenge the rest of the world in the EV market. Due to this, there are a few great models expected in 2022.

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Here we count down the 5 best, starting with the Byton M-Byte.

The M-Byte will be the first car to be produced by Byton. It is a four-seat SUV-sized electric vehicle that has similar stylings to the BMW X3 and Mercedes Benz G-class.

The M-Byte comes in two models, a rear-wheel-drive model and an all-wheel-drive model. The rear-wheel model is powered by a 200kW electric motor. It accelerates from naught to 62 miles in 7.5 seconds. The all-wheel-drive model is powered by two electric motors that give a combined output of 300kW. This makes the all-wheel-drive model faster and accelerates from naught to 62 miles in just 5.5 seconds.

M-Byte offers 72 and 95 kilowatt hour battery packs, giving the car 265 – 340 miles of driving range on the NEDC testing cycle.

All M-Byte models come with 150 kilowatts fast DC chargers which give fast battery charging. The battery charges from 0% to up to 80% in approximately 35 minutes. The car also offers easy charging as you can charge at home or on the go using either 110 or 220 volts supply.

The M-byte has a beautiful interior. The company wants it to look like a new personal digital lounge, and that’s exactly what they deliver. The interior features a 48-inch curved infotainment screen that runs across the length of the dashboard making it the largest display on any production car.

The infotainment display is powered by cutting-edge cloud connectivity and allows five interactions of touch, gesture control, voice command, facial recognition, and buttons. There is a 7-inch touchpad on the steering wheel, as well as an 8-inch touchpad on the console that allows the driver to control everything. There are even 2 screens for the rear seats.

Other unique features of the M-byte interior are rotating front seats and premium rear seating. The front seats rotate inwards by 10 degrees to make conversation with rear seat passengers easier and offer greater visibility of the monstrous infotainment screen.

The rear seating can be switched from a 3-seater to a 2-seater configuration that features a dedicated center console for enhanced convenience.

They may be a new company but the Byton M-Byte looks like it’s going to be a special debut and worth getting very excited about.

Next up on our list at number four is the Lynk & Co Zero Concept car.

The Zero Concept is a hatchback electric vehicle from Lynk & Co which is owned by the Chinese auto giant Geely.

The Zero Concept comes with an all-electric drivetrain. Though it is a concept car, the Zero is similar in design to other Lynk & Co vehicles. It features the coupe-style roof, swept back headlamps, and midsection light bars which you will find in many Lynk and Co models. It all adds up

The Zero is an all-wheel drive that comes with multiple electric motors that give a combined output of 536 horsepower. This means the small hatchback has a lot of engine power, and gives it rapid speed. It accelerates from naught to 62 miles in less than four seconds.

What is known about the Zero’s battery is very exciting. It provides 435 miles of driving range according to the NEDC testing cycle. It resists degradation for over 124,000 miles, and it will take you over 1.2 million miles. So, the Zero’s battery has a longer lifespan than the batteries of competing EV’s.

The Zero concept has a low center of gravity, a 50/50 weight distribution and world class chassis tuning, so its performance is promising.

The interior of the hatchback is also magnificent and sports a 15.4 inch infotainment display that will remind you of the one in Tesla.

At number three in our list comes the stunning XPeng P7

This electric vehicle is a mid-size sedan that is making waves in China. It is produced by the Chinse EV Company XPeng Motors.

The P7 has a sleek design with light bars that run from the back to the front. It has a glass roof, frameless windows, and retracting door handles. It sports an elongated wheelbase, which makes it a substantial car in terms of size. It’s more like a cross between Tesla’s Model 3 and Model S.

The P7 is offered in two rear-wheel drive models and one all-wheel drive model. The two rear-wheel drive models are powered by 196 horsepower electric motor.

One is called the long range model and has a 70.8 kilowatt hour battery, which gives it 414 miles of driving range.

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